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Blog: Into The Historical Record

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I was very disappointed to lose out on the QUEST to be the hold music for At-Bristol Science Centre, but news has arrived which goes somewhere to SOOTHING the WOUND. For LO! Apparently the BRITISH LIBRARY have got in touch with those lovely people at Geek Pop and asked for a copy of the Geek Like Me compilation that I was part of next year!

This means that it will be stored FOREVER (or until the disintegration of society at least) in their ANNALS, and thus future generations will be able to hear my collaboration with Mr Vom Vorton, Brokeback Workbench.

It feels slightly ODD to think that in 200 years time the only Official Record of my illustrious career could be an Homosexual Duet performed with A Bearded Gentleman, as it's not a 100% accurate representation of my OUVRE, but still: it is a HIGH HONOUR to be included, and yet ANOTHER marvellous event to have come about through the Geek Pop lot, along with the trip to Green Man festival and the aforementioned Hold Music Quest. As ever in The Crazy World Of ROCK, you never know WHAT is going to ENSUE from ANY activity you get involved with, but recording songs for these lot has accrued a LOT! Thanks chaps!

posted 26/10/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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