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Blog: Can't Stop The Rock

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Oh! When will the remorseless treadmill of ROCK ACTION grind to a halt eh?

Er... mid-November, at the moment. But before then there is PLENTY MUCH of it to go around, as this morning I got offered yet ANOTHER gig, this time in Nottingham. I'm playing at The Maze on November 2nd supporting Bloke From Ballboy, who's doing an Acoustic Solo Set. Copycat! This would make for a jolly little MIDLANDS chunk of ROCK, if it wasn't for the FACT that I have to get back into London on the Sunday Afternoon to DANCE with The Beat Of My Heart. Yes, we are learning to DANCE in an ACTIVE and GROOVY way, I shall tell you more ANON...

For now though, let us not be SWAYED away from the ROCK in the immediate future, for tonight I'm off to BRIXTON again (though to a different venue) to play at the Bar Lorca for those absolutely SMASHING people at Kooba Radio. I'm REALLY looking forward to this, not least because it'll be nice to get back to doing a gig where I just turn up and PLAY, rather than having to PANIC about accomodation, transport, etc etc. ALSO because it's going to be FUN, and because I have LEARNED UP a song previously un-GIGGED. Hoorah!

I like doing gigs. Doing gigs is FUN.

posted 24/10/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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