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Blog: Studio Absence

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Sorry for the drop in frequency of BLOGS this week, life has been EVER SO busy with all kinds of various STUFF. Some of these i am Not Talking About On The Internet (but do PLEASE ask if you see me in a pub, it would be nice to VENT!) and some of them are just WORK STUFF, which has suddenly LEAPT UP like a frozen toad, thawing after a long winter, to... er... make me stay late-ish doing TOAD ADMIN.

Also, of course: SCHOOL WORK has been going on, and being a LOT of fun. We had a class cancelled on Monday but instead of Just Not Going a bunch of us had PUB CLUB, where we did our usual thing in class of reading and commenting on people's scripts, but did it in the PUB instead. It's a lot easier to a) GIVE b) TAKE constructive criticism when you've got a BEER on the go, it was ACE!

But aside from all that The Work Of ROCK rumbles on, and so on Tuesday night The Validators returned to Snug Studio to finish off recording our Christmas song, "The Flashing Santa". Strings and multiple--Emmas were added, along with my bass and vocal parts (recorded at home) and the extra special GUEST VOCAL supplied by Mr Colin Smitten (recorded in THE USA!). Amazingly this keeps us on track to release it ready for CHRISTMAS!

While we wait for the final mix to be mixed I'm also gearing up for the VIDEO, which will hopefully feature some rather marvellous photographs by Mr Will Stone. It's all going to be coming out about a third of the way through ADVENT, being added (AS IS TRADITION) to the Christmas Selection Box. If all goes to plan we'll also be adding a Rather Special version of a Christmas Carol too, tho we haven't even STARTED that one yet.

And on top of all that: BICKERING has officially begun for the setlist for our trip to GERMANY next month! It is, in fact, ALL GO!

posted 8/11/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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