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Blog: Second Practice

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On Sunday afternoon Mr S Hewitt and I reconvened in Bally Studios for our SECOND practice for Total Hero Team.

The primary purpose of these two rehearsals was to get us READY for the readthrough next week - we're going to read out the show in front of a tiny audience, so we thought we ought to make sure we both knew the SONGS first, and also to be able to give it a decent GO. A secondary purpose, however, was to check the SCRIPT worked. Last week I'd come away a little BOTHERED - there were quite a few points that just didn't WORK, and my ever-present misgivings that it might NOT BE AMAZING (which I always have for every show) were slightly louder than normal.

I'd been over the script A LOT in the week between practices, and had made quite a few changes, though nothing HUGE: some tweaks to dialogue, a bit of ACCENTUATION of some ROMANTIC SUBPLOT(hem hem, wait and see), the reintroduction of SPLASH PAGES (ibid), a couple of complete CUTS and a whole new song. It was all BITS, but CRIKEY! it didn't half make a difference! Maybe it was also the fact that we knew it a bit more this time, but it felt MUCH better, like it was moving towards it's actual SHAPE.

After we'd run through the whole thing (now clocking in around 50 minutes, which is IDEAL) we sat and had a DISCUSSION, during which a few more change ideas arose. Steve suggested a RADICAL ALTERATION to one song SO RADICAL that I think I may have to politely DENY it (changing the ending to one of my FAVOURITE songs - not just from the show, but what i have EVER writ!) but my FAVOURITE part was when we discussed the aforementioned ROMANTIC SUBPLOT. As we went through I'd written "SUBTEXT!" next to a particular line. Just as we got to that bit Steve said "AHA! Yes, for this line I think we need to look at the SUBTEXT!" HA! We are SO theatrical DARLING!

So yes, it was two hours EXCELLENTLY spent and I left feeling MUCH more confident about the future of the show. It's nice to think that the thing we're going to be spending the next YEAR on might actually be all right!

posted 13/11/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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Wow - it all sounds amazing. Can't wait, and neither can my son J!
posted 13/11/2012 by Gareth

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