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Blog: The First Big Meeting

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On Tuesday night I met with Mr S Hewitt for our Official First Big Proper Meeting about Total Hero Team. We HAVE had a couple of practices already, but there were a number of ITEMS that needed SORTING, and as some of them applied to our forthcoming READTHROUGH next week it seemed a sensible time to have a Proper Discussion about it all.

Also: Steve was off to Birmingham that evening so it was a good excuse to go to The Euston Tap.

We've had a few of these meetings over the years, so were able to CRACK ON pretty efficiently. INDEED some of the work had been done prior to the meeting - we've been gently discussing costumes/HATS for a couple of months now, and there'd been some TAT SHOP expeditions for a few of the props already, but on Tuesday afternoon we not only AGREED which ones to get, but GOT them. I've already had a few deliveries, the HIGHLIGHT being FuFu The Future Kitten, who is going to be AMAZING!

The only prop we HAVEN'T bought yet, in fact, was the costume for Steve's lead character. We discussed it quite a bit, and went into the THEATRICALITY of it all (i.e. it has to be SOMETHING, as the RULE of these shows is that each character IS their proper. LECTURE NOTES ARE AVAILABLE) but couldn't think of anything - Steve is, even now, PONDERING the matter.

Everything else was pretty PEASY - we agreed to go with the same Base Costume as last time (NB short sleeved shirts) and to try out some ideas for the STAGE SET (oh yes!) at the warm-up gigs. We've got a couple of festivals we're going to try for (and a couple we're NOT), and came up with a long list of places to visit between February and August i.e. between Leicester and Edinburgh festivals. Edinburgh ESPECIALLY is going to be fun (AGANE) - we had a delightful BREAK from Stern Seriousness when we agreed to definitely try and get the same flat as last time, and ended up RHAPSODISING about the nearby pubs, ESPECIALLY The Blue Blazer. Aaaah, The Blue Blazer! Good times!

The biggest discussions were about REHEARSALS (diaries were checked, many dates were written) and ARTWORK - should we HAVE artwork this time, or should we stick with photographs? Many OPTIONS were discussed, and ACTION POINTS were raised. More FACT to come on this one when we have some!

So yes, it was a most EXCELLENT meeting which promises much DELIGHT to come in the future. As I always say, NOT going to Edinburgh this year worked out lovely, and NOT having a show to do right now has made life an AWFUL lot easier, but I'm VERY MUCH looking forward to getting back again in 2013. It's going to be GRATE!

posted 16/11/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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