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Blog: It's In The Bag

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Tonight is READTHROUGH night for Total Hero Team, so I came into work this morning with [very nearly] all the PROPS. In previous years carting the PROPS around has been a NIGHTMARE - I especially remember the first year, doing My Exciting Life In ROCK when I had to lug a bloody EASEL around with me everywhere, and of course the ROBOT HEADS from Dinosaur Planet were a RIGHT pain - but this year's batch all fit rather easily into a Large Blue Bag - INCLUDING the ukelele! I am EXTREMELY pleased about this!

I'm also a bit NERVOUS - I've been working on this show for MONTHS, through NINE versions, but in all that time only Mr S Hewitt has ever READ/HEARD it. Yes, The Lines In My Script, The Landlady and my NEIGHBOURS have heard bits of the songs, but only Steve has any idea what HAPPENS in it.


I mean, I'm _pretty_ sure it won't be - I'm happy with ALL the songs and there's some decent JOKES, i think - but what if I'm wrong? I am having TERRIFYING VISIONS of me and Steve GRINDING through the script to absolute SILENCE this evening. Again, I'm pretty sure that won't happen (if nothing else some of the WIGS are funny), but still. It's a bit weird to realise the whole thing is about to LEAP out into the world where people can SEE it.

These FEARS haven't stopped us getting GOING on further performances though. As you can see from the GIGS pages we've now got FIVE shows booked (including one in an Actual Swanky Theatre) and are in the process of applying for the Bath, Bristol and, of course, Edinburgh Fringe Festivals.

So i do HOPE, after all this effort, it's actually ALL RIGHT, but whatever happens I know one thing: it's going to be a LOT easier to carry around with us if all the props fit so nicely into a single bag!

posted 20/11/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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You're thinking of the Ford Edsel. At least, I think you are.
posted 20/11/2012 by Tim

Eisel? The Ford Eisel, least popular car ever?
posted 20/11/2012 by Lloyd

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