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Blog: TOUR REPORT: Brixton

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Down the other end of the Victoria Line last night, to Bar Lorca, Brixton to play at the Kooba Radio LIVE Event. It was GOOD, although rather late for a modern day stay-at-home like me. The SOUNDCHECKS didn't finish until 9.30, so the first band, Nathan Persad, didn't get on until nearly 10 o'clock. They were GRATE tho - very BEAT, also slightly SURF.

They were all quite YOUNG tho, but no so YOUNG that their friends, who'd all turned up to support them, didn't know how gigs work... normally see, when YOUNG PEOPLE turn up they don't realise that you don't actually have to listen to the other bands if they don't have too, and sit dutifully through everybody else's set. These young people HAD been to gigs before, and so, quite rightly, had a chat with each other when some old git came on with a GUITAR and some shouting.

This made things ACE. It was like MILLIONS of gigs I had done in the past where I had to WORK to get attention, and I think I actually managed it this time. Afterwards a happy excitable chap who looked a bit like a young Mick Jones came for an ENTHUSIASTIC chat, and bought the 50th copy of the album - HOORAH! Totaliser will be formally adjusted next week when I adjust my scrupulously tidy record keeping system, but cool eh? Also the venue owner came over for a chat, and offered me a spot at one of their CABERET nights, which was very COOL. I would have stayed to chat, but had to RUN down Brixton Road, and only just made it for the last train home.

Also of notice to me re. MYSELF in the gig was my DANCING. Oh yes, like the BEATLES returning from Hamburg REINVIGORATED, I have come off the BAND DATES with a new onstage STANCE and an onstange DANCE. Shut up, it IS like the Beatles - I am a-JIGGING about like nobody's business these days. Basically, in my HEAD, i am no longer Paul McCartney going "Whoo", I am John Lennon going "Yeah"!

Anyway, the MAIN thing about the night was the other people who came. Charlie of Fighting Cocks fame was their with one of his colleagues, and they spent a good while THRILLING me with tales of life as a ROADIE and behind the scenes in the major news stories of the day...bless tho, he's such a great chap is Charlie, he seemed to be on a particularly poetical BENT, for instance what I call a "SONG BUNG" (not being able to record or write anything new because of BLOCKAGES in the band) he calls "being cast in aspic". He is quite the poet really.

And as for the Kooba Radio lot - what a LOVELY bunch of people they are. Aah, go listen to their show, they are GRATE. They were down the front for the whole gig, even SINGING ALONG for lots of songs (even "Programming Is A Poetry", which I did live for the first time too), and Johnny and Angela was DANCING to "Easily Impressed". I was thinking on the way to the gig, there was a time when doing gigs meant having to put up with loads of tossers, these days it seems that gigs are something that gets in the way of meeting SMASHING people that I don't see often enough.

Also of INTEREST was the fact that Bar Lorca used to be known, years, ago, as The White Horse, one only three London pubs that VOON played in! It looked COMPLETELY different, so was a bit STUNNED to discover that I'd been there before. BRILLIANTLY the person who told me this had also mentioned the gig to someone earlier who'd replied "OOh, MJ "Mark" Hibbett? I like that song about Being In The Scouts he does!" COOL. It made me feel all FAMOUS!

Altogether then, a GOOD NIGHT OUT! Being on TOUR, it ROCKS!

posted 25/10/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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