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Blog: Recording The Show

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Last night I set off for Frosty Tottenham with ALL the props for Total Hero Team. I was VERY pleased to find it STILL all fitted in The Big Blue Bag, even after I'd bought a proper case for my UKELELE. Next year, touring will be PEASY!

I was off to Mr S Hewitt's house where we were due to RECORD the latest version of the show for LEARNING purposes. This was a SIGNIFICANTLY revised script from the one we did last week at the readthrough - one of the songs had been completely dropped, there was a new REPRISE of another, and TWO (2) entirely NEW songs! There was also new characters, new PLOT POINTS and a completely revised first third with everything in a different order. I was EXCITED to see how it would work.

It worked pretty darn well - as far as I can tell it makes more sense, there's definite Plot and Character Development (that course is paying off after all!) and MORE JOKES. I'm STILL a bit worried about whether we'll be ready for the string of LONDON PREVIEWS in January, but was CALMED somewhat by the fact that we'd booked this recording in early. Originally we were going to wait for another THREE WEEKS before doing this, so now we've got an nice chunk of extra learning time. Whether we USE it or not is, of course, another matter.

Here's those preview dates, by the way, if you fancy coming and watching us STRUGGLE with lines:
  • Monday 7 January - Etcetera Theatre, Camden (entry is five quid BUT we're giving a free album to everyone who comes!)
  • Sunday 20 January - The Lexington, Pentonville Road (free afternoon show, probably about 1.30ish)
  • Tuesday 29 January - The Green Dragon, Croydon (at Freedom Of Expression, also free!)

    And then after THAT we head up to Leicester for the Comedy Festival. EEK!

    Having finished our practice we then moved on to the SERIOUS BUSINESS of titting about with HATS. We're planning to commission a POSTER for this one and thought it might be a good idea to send the Hoped For ARTIST some illustrations of how the superheroes might look. The IDEA is that our pictures will be RUBBISH COSPLAY versions of the costumes, which they can then reverse-engineer to make into GLORIOUS ILLUSTRATIONS. We'll see how that goes!

    It was an extremely productive evening all round, and made me feel a LOT happier about how this show is going to go. Let's hope this happiness lasts through the GRIND of learning the lines!

    posted 30/11/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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