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Blog: Into Character

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I spent an happy hour or so this morning putting together some ChARACTER PROFILES for Total Hero Team. As mentioned last time, Steve and I spent a rather jolly time last week DRESSING UP... er... I mean, GETTING INTO CHARACTER with PROPS, so that we could send photographs to our prospective Poster Artiste. Looking through it today I realised that, should two man rock opera business ever dry up (hem hem) then we could surely earn a FINE living as Professional Face Pullers. MAN ALIVE there are some daft looks in there!

And you need not take my word for it - for LO! I have stuck them up on the new Temporary Webpage that has been shacked up just now. It's not the CLASSIEST looking of websites, but it DOES feature some a) silly pictures b) DATES, which is a lot more than MANY corporate websites I have dealt with over the years. It's not THAT long until we start previewing, so I thought we ought to at least have the DATES and, where available, links to tickets up before Christmas.


posted 3/12/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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