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Blog: Take The SECOND Spaceship

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Man alive, I wish I'd written a song about the end of the world, I would have been ROLLING in CA$H today from Radio Royalties! If anyone can think of a Big Event happening around 2016, when we'll have had some time to record new material, I'll do some pre-topical lyrics.

For LO! tomorrow is The End Of The World, at LAST. I say "at last" not because I long for armageddon (clarification:I don't) but because it's a date that has been on my Mental Calendar for the entire CENTURY and MORE. Way way back in the late 1990s I shared an office with someone who was VERY into Psychic/RUM stuff - I took it all with a pinch of salt, but then one day she CURED my hangover through AURA massage. NOT A EUPHEMISM. It was WEIRD! So, when she told me that the world was going to end on December 21st 2012 I listened - that was when I first heard about the Mayan "Prophecy" (it's NOT a prophecy any more than there is a PAPERCHASE PROPHECY that the world will end on Jan 6th 2012, when my diary does, but still) and various other INDICATORS.

Apparently there had been lots of VISIONS from PSYCHICS, seeing a Man Dressed In Green causing the end of the world, and Senator John McCain as president. I remembered all this for YEARS - and when, some years later, John McCain RAN for President I was SECRETLY ALARMED, just in case! Anyway, as well as the warning of DOOM she also gave me some ADVICE which I have held close to my heart all these years, and will now share with you.

Do NOT get in the spaceship when the aliens arrive. Wait for the SECOND lot of aliens, and go with them.

Now, don't get me wrong, I don't ACTUALLY think the world is ending - if I did I wouldn't have spent quite so much CA$H Christmas Shopping, or indeed have written a new SHOW - but I also think you can't be too careful. Apparently, according to The Psychics of some years ago, when the world "ends" a bunch of aliens will come wanting to save people - but they are NAUGHTY aliens, taking advantage of the disaster, like INTERGALACTIC SMALL CLAIMS LAWYERS or something. The NEXT lot who turn up (late, I guess) are the nice ones, go with them!

If the world DOESN'T end tomorrow, of course, none of this will matter, but if it does - well, I guess I'll be seeing you all in SPACE in the New Year!

posted 20/12/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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