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Blog: THT World Premiere

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It was the first preview of Total Hero Team last night, and things got off to a slightly wobbly start when there was a slight mix-up with the time for our Tech Run, which meant that Steve and I got to the Etcetera just before 6pm, when we were really meant to be there at 5pm. Handily our tech run involved us saying "Can we have the lights on before we start please?" so all was WELL - it turned out that Theatre Types, much like ROCK Types, are always very happy when your soundcheck takes less than 60 seconds!

Everybody there was very nice, and the venue itself was lovely - they'd come in that morning to find the place FLOODED,but had cleared it all up completely. It felt very SWANKY in fact - we even had COAT HANGERS to hang our COATS on!! POSH!

Steve and I thus had time to pop to The Black Heart to a) immediately destroy my resolution NOT to have a drink before the gig and b) have a quick MEETING to discuss various Matters, not least the ARTWORK we're going to have for the poster. I received a ROUGH version of this yesterday afternoon: it is going to be GRATE!

We then met up with The SPices In My Dish to start the TOUR off as we hope to continue it: with CURRY! One of the best things about doing gigs in Camden IS the fact that you can go to The Maharani, it is DELICIOUS.

A MEAL, some BEER, and some In-Depth Political Discussion later we headed back to the pub... sorry, I mean THEATRE, bumping into Mr T Eveleigh on the way. Over the next hour a select band of people arrived (I say "select" - we were WELL into double figures, it was an EXCELLENT turn out!) and NERVES rose amongst the CAST. And then it was SHOW TIME!

It all went pretty well, I think. We had the SCRIPT very much to hand, and there were a LOT of stumbles, but for the most part we got through ABLY - the main exception being me being COMPLETELY unable to do Buttering No Parsnips after Steve's TRIUMPHANT version of I'm So Much Cleverer Than You. Need to do something about that!

Otherwise it all appeared to work - it was ODD doing it in an Actual Theatre, where you can't see the audience, as I had LITTLE IDEA if it was going all right, but there were LARFS and APPLAUSE and - BEST OF ALL - a spontaneous sing and SWAY along with It Only Works Because You're Here. We both FLAGGED towards the end, as we are CLEARLY not Match Fit, and also because maybe it's a few minutes TOO long still. I'm not sure whether that'll get sorted out when we've got it learnt properly, or whether we'll need to CHOP something, but I was happy. That was the first show DONE!

We packed up and headed downstairs for a celebratory DRINK and CHAT. It felt odd, and still feels odd now, to be at this point again. It's been SO LONG since we last began a new show that I'd forgotten what it feels like - it's hard to see what it'll be LIKE at this stage, when it's all unsure and wobbly. It's tempting to PANIC, as it's not as good as the other shows where, but I also know that's because I remember the other shows at their PEAK (hem hem). It certainly seems to make more SENSE than the others, and there's definitely SCOPE for lots of LARKING ABOUT, and hopefully it'll all be coming together ready for Leicester.

So yes, for a first show it was pretty darn good, and I'm actually LOOKING FORWARD to spending the rest of the year doing it. That's a GOOD SIGN!!

posted 8/1/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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It was GRATE.
posted 8/1/2013 by Tim

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