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Blog: Logo Ahoy!

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I've been talking about the PAST a lot this week, but behind the scenes there has been work on THE FUTURE!

As briefly mentioned the other day, the ever marvellous Mr John Allison is doing the poster artwork for our new show, Total Hero Team, and this week he's been BEAVERING AWAY at it. He sent a GORGEOUS black and white version and since then has worked that up to a BEAUTIFUL full-colour version which, frankly, makes me worry about the show itself living up to its MAGNIFICENCE. I'm going to formally UNVEIL it next week when we launch the proper version of the webpage, but for now here's the LOGO:

ACE, isn't it? I am honour bound at this point to ALERT you to the fact that the lower two stars on the left have EXTRUSION LINES emerging from their tops, which they didn't on the first draft. This was one of several changes (this one in fact suggested by The Powers Of My Superhero) which we asked Mr Allison to add, and which he GLEEFULLY did. The biggest thing we asked him was to change the expression of one of the characters to "more of a cheeky chappy" and, rather than saying "EH? WOT? WHAT YOU ON ABOUT?" he came back about 45 minutes later with EXACTLY that.

To be perfectly honest I wish we had the a) reason b) resources to do WHOLE COMICS of this stuff, but for now the cover itself is MORE than enough. As stated, I'm hoping to LAUNCH it next week with the website, so stand by for THRILLZ!

posted 16/1/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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