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Blog: Snow Show

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Mr S Hewitt and I, along with various other HARDY individuals, BATTLED through heavy snow on Sunday afternoon to get to distant ANGEL, where we were booked to do the second ever Proper Production of Total Hero Team at The Lexington.

This was our TRADITIONAL warm-up show at The Hangover Lounge - this USUALLY happens in early summer, but as we're starting sooner in the year this time around it was a LOT colder, with CARDIES on show instead of t-shirts. We greeted the proprietors, Messrs Jervis and Clancy, had a bit of a chat with the brave souls who had soldiered in, and then went upstairs to get set up. It was CHILLY!

It warmed up a BIT when people came in - because there were a LOT of people! I was MOST surprised, it turned out that pretty much ALL of the bar downstairs had turned up on purpose to see us, including a few people who I Didn't Know Who They Were. Exciting times!

The show got off to a RICKETY start, as we BOTH got a bit afeared/confused/excited, although this did make "The Zumba Joke" work better than before. We calmed down after about 10 minutes, and then got right into the swing of it. Again, there were a LOT of mistakes but we DID get through to the end without looking at SCRIPTS, and got into CO-OPERATIVE mode. CO-OPERATIVE mode is when, if one of us forgets their lines, the other COVERS and HELPS - it generally takes a couple of goes to GET into this mode with a new show, as in practice there's STOPPING and general COMPETITION for Who Knows Most Lines. It felt GOOD - we still need to tighten it up - A LOT - and gain confidence in what we're doing, but it's starting to feel more and more comfortable, and I can feel the SHAPE of it now. VITALLY, we've identified the half-way point, always an important thing to locate!

People seemed to like it - there were definite LARFS, quite a few Emotional Moments and, as far as I could detect, no LONGEURS like in previous shows. Also the people who'd seen the readthrough seemed PLEASED with how we'd IMPROVED it. The only strange thing was that various people seemed to think Smart Alex was BASED on someone - different people suggested different candidates. It was odd - he is, of course, just called that as a pun on Smart Alec - I wonder if this will continue?

I lurked around for further CHAT after, during which Jerv asked if we were up for doing the QUIZ at Popfest this year. I was a little dubious as a) I'm never sure if people WANT us to be bothering them on a Sunday afternoon and b) both Steve and I are going to the Saturday this year, so may be a little "unwell", but Jerv looked SHOCKED at this. "It's for the KIDS!" he said. Who could refuse such a call to arms?

And so the time came for me to leave, into the COLD, but WARMED inwardly (POETRY) with the knowledge that the show PROGRESSES. Next show is in Croydon on the 29th, and then it will be HO! for LEICESTER!!

posted 21/1/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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Yes! We don;t have a quiz team name for this year. Oooh er.
posted 23/1/2013 by Ray K

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