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Blog: Lessons Of 2012: Follow The Dream, Man

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These "Lessons Of 2012" blogs seem to have all been me going "Something annoying happened and we had to FIX it!" so I thought I'd finish with something really ACE that happened and is ONGOING.

In January I was out for a WALK with The Feet In My Shoes and I told the story (AGANE) of how, when I was 21, I was offered a place on an MA in Playwriting at Birmingham University but, through a combination of miscommunication, financial problems and (mostly) my own daftness, I couldn't take it. It's something that's BUGGED me occasionally ever since, and so she suggested that, as there was a chance my job would be finishing at the end of March, I SET THIS RIGHT.

So that's what I did - I went to open days, made applications, and got accepted onto the part-time MA in Playwriting And Screenwriting at City University. It looked like the BEST course out of all the ones I'd looked at, and when my job was confirmed for at least another year the part-time-NESS of it made it the PERFECT choice.

And guess what? It totally was! In the weeks leading up to the start of term I was in a RIGHT old state of SHEER PANIC, but once it going it was, and still is ACE. Every week I feel my MIGHTY BRANE as it SWELLS with more information, and it's been a JOY being forced to sit down and WRITE stuff all the time too. INDEED that fed directly into Total Hero Team, as I thought things like "What are the STAKES? Is the PROTAGONIST moving things forward?" to the extent that I think, at last, it sort of makes sense.

As yet there's been NOTHING about it I haven't liked... well, apart from a few of the LECTURES, where i have expanded my DOODLING SKILL BASE, but otherwise it's been incredible, like the way I'd've HOPED it would be but never DARED TO DREAM that it actually WOULD. It's dead exciting when we hear about what ALUMNI have been up to - it feels like this is a world we could actually get INTO. I mean, I'm very grateful that my job IS continuing, but the idea that i COULD earn my living by sitting around WRITING stuff is just plain old THRILLING.

And the thing is, doing this wasn't actually all that difficult. It was a pain going to the badly organised/annoying open days at OTHER Universities, the STRESS of worrying about it beforehand wasn't much fun, and it does cost MONEY, but otherwise it was just a case of DOING it. And now I AM doing it it seems WEIRD I didn't do it earlier. It's brilliant!

So that's the final lesson of 2012: follow the dream, man, sometimes ACE things do happen!

posted 25/1/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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