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Blog: Writing To Brief

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I spent a lot of this weekend just gone doing HOMEWORK. It was ARDUOUS - I had to watch a couple of FILMS!

In between all of this I sat down and wrote a song for A Brief History Of Time Travel. The BRIEF was to write something in the same sort of vein as Dinosaur Planet, RELATING to the idea of time travel but not telling the story of the show and certainly not having the same title - sort of like the title songs for "Big Bang Theory" and "Red Dwarf". We also wanted a tune that we could take apart, with a chunk useable for the main theme, some bits for STINGS etc etc and the whole thing to work AS a song which we could release.

My first attempts earlier in the week had involved quite a lot of STARING BLANKLY and STRUMMING, so on Friday I decided to have a Bit Of An Old Think about it, and after a while realised that THE thing you would SURELY do if you had a time machine would be to go forward and check on YOURSELF, and see how things work out for YOU. That's what everyone REALLY wants to know, isn't it? The more I thought about it the more I realised that you'd zip about through your own timeline, enjoying your VICTORIES, skipping all the crappy days, and generally viewing a Greatest Hits of your own life.

So that's what I wrote! It came out pretty well, I think - it's got a RIFF at the start of verses, a CATCHY chorus, Proper Verses and... er... well that's it really, what more does one need? I did a MEGA ROUGH demo which The Vlads liked and, VITALLY, THE CLIENTS like it so far too.

So far, being a SOUNDTRACK COMPOSER is PEASY! Obviously we need to actually RECORD it at some point, but so far so good - I just wish that the aforesaid CATCHY chorus would get out of my head,it is VERY catchy INDEED!

posted 28/1/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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