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I had a WELL SOPHISTICATED weekend this weekend just gone. Some might even label it "MEGA".

Thing got off to a GRATE start on Friday night with a PUB CRAWL with The Beer In My Pint Glass. Well, I say "Pub Crawl" - we went for something to eat (where we also had BEER) and then to Tap East for MORE Beer, then we WERE planning on popping into The Red Lion (our lovely local), but hey! It was gone nine o'clock by then, and it was Friday - it would be BUSY. COme on! Let's not go crazy, right?

And also we were going out AGANE on Saturday, to see a wide variety of delightful KOOBA RADIO-related chums, which was RATHER lovely. Two nights out in the same weekend! We are KRAZY!

Apart from that there was much ARTS activity. I watched TWO films - "Boyz N The Hood" (DEPRESSING) and "The Muppets" (pretty much the opposite) - and started reading a BOOK. I've been reading screenplays and books ABOUT screenplays since Christmas, so this was a SPECIAL TREAT!

I also did some WRITING of my own. I've been asked to do a song for a compilation about about FOOTBALL - it sounds like it's going to be something rather beautiful, as it'll be released as a STICKER ALBUM, with actual STICKERS! I decided pretty much straight away to write it about going to see Posh with my Grandad, so over the weekend sat myself down and WROTE it. I think it'll be mostly done on the UKE, as it sounds dead nice that way. I did get a bit MAUDLIN after tho!

And then Sunday we had another Total Hero Team rehearsal. I'd done another re-write earlier in the week, which we tried out and found that it not only loppped off 5 minutes of the running time but also made the END of the show MUCH better. Previously everything had kind of ground to a halt when we did A Little Bit Excited so i CUT it, swapped some sections around, and suddenly everything worked MUCH better. It also dragged in EXTRA EMOTION and STUFF, it was FAB! It's a bit of a shame to lose the song, as i DO rather like it, but it felt very much like we'd made the final changes that would make everything work properly.

It was all rather exciting - the run through went well (MISTAKES still, but nobody seems to really mind) and on the way out we realised that this was the FINAL PART of this particular PHASE i.e. of trying it out and changing things around. We're in Leicester at the weekend, and that'll be the start of several months of DOING the show, rather than tinkering with it, before we move on to the whole EDINBURGH slice of FUN TIMES. It felt GOOD - i think it's going to work!

posted 4/2/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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