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This term on my MA course we're doing Screenwriting. In the first week we had to write an outline for a five minute short film adaptation of a short story - I chose "A Woman Without A Country", but after a bit of THINKING decided to write it about BIRDS - SPARROWS, to be exact.

This seemed JOLLY CLEVER at the time, but then it turned out that we'd be working on this idea for the next few weeks, using it for other tasks, to the extent that I found myself today having to write a PAGE LONG BIOGRAPHY about a SPARROW. This, to be honest, wasn't too difficult - I've been THINKING about the story for the past few weeks, so had some ideas as Simon (the sparrow) is the main speaking part. However, we had to write about TWO characters, so I'm currently having to come up with a whole background about a robin called Tex, who happens be a cowboy.

It's all part of the a) GRATE b) unexpected JOURNEY that this course has turned out to be. I can feel my BRANE throbbing with all sorts of new ideas and THORTS, none of which I ever expected to be dealing with. I don't know what i DID expect to be honest - maybe doing something similar to the shows we'd done? Certainly not in-depth character histories of garden birds, anyway.

I should have learnt my lesson last term really, when I wrote my first script about Wenlock and Mandeville and then had them popping up in other stuff for the next three months. Still, at least Simon and Tex aren't controlled by LOCOG!

posted 5/2/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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Genuinely looking forward to the Tex biography...
posted 5/2/2013 by Alex

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