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Blog: The Plimptons Are Dead

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One of my favourite bands are The Plimptons, not least because I have had SEVERAL exciting and delightful adventures with them - INDEED, these adventures have inspired at LEAST two songs (Let The Weird Band Win and Mental Judo) and the general GOOD TIMES i've had gigging with them have informed much of my later ROCK TOURING.

So it feels rather sad to acknowledge the fact that they're packing it in after 13 years even though, in a funny kind of Trying To Be Sensible way, I can see that STOPPING a band when YOU want to is generally a Good Thing. We did it with Voon and it was ACE, as we got to just ENJOY being in the band together without worrying how it'd all work out, as we knew EXACTLY when it was going to end. It's a GOOD way to be in a band, so I see the point but still, I'll miss them!

They're doing one last all day gig on March 30th in Glasgow which, ANNOYINGLY, I can't get to. They're also releasing a Farewell EP - The Plimptons Are Dead which I'm currently listening to and is EXCELLENT. I am also extremely PROUD to note that the final song on the EP is a cover version of We Did It Anyway by ME, from out of Moon Horse. It's pretty much my favourite song from that show, and thus I was DELIGHTED when then told me they wanted to cover it, and even MORE delighted by how ACE it is.

The whole EP is fantastic and I would eagerly IMPLORE you to go get it - go on, they're GRATE!

posted 6/2/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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I love 'Let the weird band win'!
posted 20/2/2013 by Craig Pulsar

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