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Blog: When The Rain Comes

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Off to Bristol, with a MAGAZINE in my bag as I was a bit WORN and unable to tackle my BOOK. Really, in The Big Textbook Of ROCK, you'd think they'd spend a little less time talking about cleaning yr frets and waxing yr nuts, and a bit MORE time giving advice on LITERARY SELECTION... but as they don't, here's my addendum: if you're going to spending really really a lot of time on TRAINS over the next few weeks, do NOT embark on reading a massive great HEFTY TOME that's a bit scary, quite THRILLING in places and deeply sad in others, but overall completely lacking in LARFS. I'm now onto about page 500 of "The Little Friend" and GOOD LORD but I shall be relieved when it's all over, it is KNACKERING me.

ANYWAY, I got to rain-soaked Bristol, found the Holiday Inn Express, and rang Gary from Bristol Uncovered, who came over with a cold and a mini-disc player. We sat in my room and had a CHAT over Complimentary Tea, and did, I thought, rather a GROOVY session. I played "Things'll Be Different", "Programming", "Easily Impressed" and my learnt-the-night-before version of "Evergreen". I must say, it started to mean quite a bit to me that song, as I was associating it with The Tea In My Teabag, but even she was moved to remark on how little sense the actual words contain. I also had about four attempts at "(insert title here)" but kept forgetting the words - an omen of FORBODING.

We then did a "brief" interview - brief only in the bits that Gary said, LENGTHY in the extreme for my responses. I THINK i was animated and HILARIOUS about The Business Of ROCK, but I've got a dreadful feeling I may have come across as a PARANOID CURMUDGEON with my lengthy diatribe against the mainstream press constantly ignoring AAS "because we've never paid for any adverts". Which, actually, is probably true... what's that noise outside? Is it the FBI?!?!

Being the lovely chap he is Gary gave me a lift across Bristol to the Cube, where I arrived bang on time for soundcheck, only to find myself sitting around for 3 hours not having one, but rather having DELICIOUS sandwiches (crafted by Dan the promoter, also a lovely chap), as we listened to the rain fall harder and harder through the ceiling and into the buckets on the floor...

posted 31/10/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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