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Blog: All Benefit Albums Should Be Triple Albums

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The PBH Free Fringe Benefit Album is NEARLY finished, and by golly it's a WHOPPER! I've got an extraordinary THIRTY SIX songs, coming in at just shy of two albums - it therefore stands proudly as a TRIPLE album!

It really is rather marvellous too, with TREATS like one of my favourite EVER songs (an extremely rare version of Mr John Otway's "Poetry & Jazz"), the first Lardpony recording for FIVE YEARS, an unreleased AA Milne song from Chris T-T, a Kirsty MacColl cover from Model Village, new recordings from Frankie Machine, The Bobby McGees, Helen Arney and ... well, I could go on, FOR NEARLY TWO HOURS, about all the incredible tracks on here, but instead let's just wait for FRIDAY, when it will be properly released for, as I may have mentioned, the MIND BLOWING low price of just a FIVER!

In the meantime though, here's a sneak preview of all the ACTS involved, in thrilling alphabetical order:
The 10p Mixes!
A Fine Day For Sailing!
August Actually!
Being 747!
The Bobby McGees!
Chris T-T!
CJ Wadsworth!
Daniel & Norbert Dentressangle!
Fakebit Polytechnic!
Frankie Machine!
Haiku Salut!
The Hector Collectors!
Helen Arney!
James Summerfield!
John Otway!
The Just Joans!
Keith Top Of The Pops!
Lazarus Clamp!
Matt Tiller!
The Mini Skips!
MJ Hibbett (and Steve)!
Model Village!
Paul Morricone!
Pete Weiss & The Rock Band!
Peter Buckley Hill!
The Plimptons!
Sool & Inverse Room!
The Spearmint Sea!
Standard Fare!
Sunny Intervals!
Tim Eveleigh!
The Understudies!
The Weisstronauts!
World Of Fox!

Pretty good, no? ROLL ON FRIDAY!

posted 25/2/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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