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Blog: PBH Free Fringe Album is GO!

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Today's the big day - the PBH Free Fringe Benefit Album is available to download RIGHT NOW, and it is BLOODY GRATE!

I emailed all my favourite acts asking for tracks, and a HUGE number of them said "YES", making it an incredible NINETY SEVEN MINUTES of music. Here's the full tracklisting:
01A Fine Day For SailingTell Him The Truth
02Pete Weiss & the Rock BandErmahgerd
03Model VillageThey Don't Know
04August ActuallyCarry Your Good Name
05Haiku SalutLos Elefantes
06Chris T-TAt The Zoo (A.A. Milne)
07CJ WadsworthWhen Do I Start?
08Fakebit PolytechnicWhy Canít I Be Like Lee Coombs? (Original Mix)
09FrankieMachineMy Perfect Valentine
10Peter Buckley HillLove Of The Comedy People
11Daniel & Norbert DentressangleOnion Ring (He Couldn't Wait for Warrington)
12Helen ArneyWhen You're A Crab
13James SummerfieldNervous Dancer
14The Bobby McGeesDebbie
15The Mini SkipsThe Foghorn Song
16Matt TillerThe Plymouth Hotel
17PlugMagnetic South
18Paul MorriconeDecember
19The WeisstronautsTruck Drivin'
20The Hector CollectorsMiddleclass 90s Student
21The 10p Mixes10p Mix
22John OtwayPoetry And Jazz
23The UnderstudiesErika K
24Keith Top Of The PopsJust Want You Back
25The Spearmint SeaTwo
26Lazarus ClampDirty Names
27The Just JoansFriday Afternoons
28LardponyFace Like An Android
29Sunny IntervalsCounting The Days Back To You
30Being 747Do The Maths
31Tim EveleighPerfect
32Sool & Inverse RoomThe Door Blows Open
33The PlimptonsImpulse Records (1970 - 2000)
34World Of FoxBad Apple
35Standard FarePhiladelphia
36MJ Hibbett (and Steve)Do It Yourself
Pretty amazing, right? There's lots of BRAND NEW tracks - some recorded especially for the compilation (including a new song from me and Steve and the first Lardpony song in FIVE YEARS), so dug out of the VAULTS, alternate versions of HITS (like the Just Joans and Standard Fare songs), PREVIEWS of material from forthcoming albums, rarities and... well, all MANNER of goodness!

And, as I keep saying, it's all for a fantastic cause - The Free Fringe is a BRILLIANT organisation that allows people who AREN'T bog standard posh, male, stand-up comedians OR TV types to have a platform at the Fringe - it's basically the Comedy version of INDIE! It doesn't charge acts ANYTHING to put on shows, but it needs CA$H to put out their big listings brochure, so I would be EXTREMELY grateful to EVERYONE who forks out for this.

Go on! It's only a fiver and it sounds AMAAAAZING!

posted 1/3/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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