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Blog: Popfest Weekend

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It was London Popfest this weekend, and it was a HECK of a do! On Saturday I rolled into town to The 100 Club for the main all-dayer, also known as "The final Standard Fare Gig EVER". Everyone was, I think, prepared for EMOTION, but in the mean time there was some ROCK ACTION. Watching MARTHA I thought "Everything is going to be FINE" for LO! they were a right noisy, tune-packed JOY to watch. There was much MOSHING at the front... although of a dignified, Over-30 manner.

Much of the rest of the day involved CHAT (there were a LOT of pals from around the nation, it was like an Indietracks on the TUBE), BEER and ... er... well, that was mostly it, until Standard Fare took to the stage and were BLOODY AMAZING. I mean, they always are, but on Saturday night they sounded TERRIFIC. They also sounded CHATTY - I think there were more onstage REMARKS made at this gig than at ALL the MANY other times I have seen them put together. They also finished PROPERLY by standing centre stage for a HUG and a BOW after their encore. MANY were the photographs taken - they will be very very much missed!

On Sunday I was up with the (late rising) LARK and back into town by 1pm for the traditional Popfest QUIZ with Mrs S Hewitt. This was the FIFTH year we'd done the Sunday quiz, and I must say I think it was the BEST. There was a full house of many TEAMS and we'd got the balance right, I think, between HARD questions, EASY questions, and TITTING ABOUT. I very much enjoyed the astounded LOOKS on the faces of latecomers when they came in during the Kazoo And Swannee Whistle Round. Maybe next time though I should double-check the answers, as a couple DID have to go to Steward's (Wikipedia's) Enquiry, and were found to be WRONG. Still, the same team won as ever, everyone got prizes, and I got rid of some more unsold... I mean, COLLECTORS EDITION CDs from my discography.

I had a bit of a sit down and NATTER after that, but we were soon off once more for the Phoenix on Cavendish Square to attend a bit of the Peter Buckley-Hill Birthday All-Dayer, which was rather ACE. We lurked about for an hour watching various comedians, but THE GREAT MAN HIMSELF was far and away the funniest - especially when he did the thing where he starts a song going "Oooooooh!" and the whole crowd instinctively join in. It was ACE!

It was an ACE weekend in general really - though crikey, I'm glad it only happens once a year, it was EXHAUSTING!

posted 4/3/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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and what a team they are - Intellegent, funny, good looking, witty. Deserved winners all round really.
posted 4/3/2013 by Dave Forbes

and yet they called themselves/are known as the Cockfarmers.
posted 5/3/2013 by Ben

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