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The PUBLICITY CAMPAIGN for the PBH Free Fringe Benefit Album is chugging along quite nicely at the moment - lots of people have tweeted about it, or put it in blogs, or plugged it on facebook, which is all jolly good. In fact, I think more people have MENTIONED it than have actually BOUGHT it, but hopefully this will change fairly soon - I do HEARTILY recommend a download, it's DEAD GOOD, honest!

So, in order to get this moving a bit more, and on the advice of Mr Dave Green, I'm going to be doing a FEATURED TRACK on twitter every day until I've DONE them all, and we're going to start with THIS rather wonderful song from Pete Weiss & the Rock Band - Emahgerd!

Excitingly this track has a BRAND NEW VIDEO to go with it, which you can view below:

GRATE, isn't it? And just imagine - you can get that AND 35 other ace tracks for just a FIVER! Go on, you know you want to!

posted 5/3/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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I'll own up to the sharing but not buying thing, but I have an excuse in that it's probably not the best idea to try downloading it on my work computer ... the process of getting stuff off Bandcamp is stunningly simple, its just my home one hasn't seen much action over the past couple weeks! Will make a point of it when I get home. Have enjoyed the fruits of PBH's free fringe labour a couple times before after all...
posted 5/3/2013 by MarkP

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