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Blog: TOUR REPORT: Bristol

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The Cube Cinema is a fantastic place, it's a tiny little Actual Cinema/Theatre run by volunteers, and as I was sat waiting to soundcheck it brought back lovely memories of doing STAND UP and things at the Y Theatre in Leicester about 300 years ago when I was a student. It relies entirely on volunteers and recieves no funding at all, which is why everything's done on a shoestring, and why the roof hadn't been fixed for a long long while...

Chris T-T got stuck in traffic, so the first band, Safety Word, started soundchecking, and just as they'd finished Chris and his band turned up, and hit the stage. When Safety Word had started there was the occasional drip of rain into a bucket down the front, by the time Chris had finished there was a WATERFALL gushing down into a DUSTBIN full of water. There was much talk of what to do, and in the end it was decided that we'd do the show in the BAR area. Fine with me - I'd not had a soundcheck, so wasn't too worried, and to be honest preferred the idea of doing it in an INTIMATE SETTING (hem hem). Safety Word set their gear up in the bar, and did a quiet and, actually, rather lovely set there and then.

I was just tuning up when it turned out there was a change of PLAN, and we were back in the main area. ULP! Prepared for a small area, a massive stage made me AFEARED and THUS it was that I got myself a bit NERVOUS again, which I rather think came across, as I FORGOT the words to a couple of songs, and indeed STOPPED "Perfect Love Song" halfway through. ALSO on top of this I could hear people in the bar area talking, and for some reason got EVEN MORE PARANOID and managed to convince myself everyone hated me... oh deary me. Some bits of the set seemed to go quite well, especially "Billy Jones Is Dead" and, for the first time in YEARS, "Born With The Century". I got the feeling that the quiet ones were going better than the LOUD HECTORING songs, for some reason, so WENT with it.

However, when I came off I was feeling a bit fed up, which wasn't helped by Chris T-T and co coming on and being GRATE, CURSE THEIR EYES! In Nottingham they, like us, had been a bit of a racket, but here the words came across and the general sound was pretty ACE. The swines. Afterwards I went for a bit of a mope round the bar, and talked to a couple of girls who'd ACTUALLY LIKED IT. Hoorah! One of them had actually seen me at The Albion in Winchester, which had been ACE - her boyfriend returned with DRINKS and said, excitedly "Ooh, did you tell him about WInchester?" and I felt so RELIEVED and pleased that they'd enjoyed it I gave them a CD, with MASSIVE GRATITUDE. Ten minutes later a young man came up to ask what shops he could get the album from, so I gave him a CD too. I am soft as shite, really.

And then I enjoyed myself again - goodness knows why I get myself in such a state, but when I play on my own my EGO seems to swell to massive proportions and become COLOSSALLY UNSTABLE. I had a chat to a nice bloke who'd come with Safety Words, and FINALLY met the guys from PURR who were as JOLLY as everyone had told me they were, and as I marched off into the rainy Bristol night I found myself cheered and glad that the GODS OF ROCK had chosen me to follow their ways, oh yes.

It's Birmingham tomorrow - being on tour is GRATE.

posted 31/10/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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