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Blog: The 360 Deal

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I'm very VERY honoured to be able to say that there's a whole chapter by ME in this amazing new book, released this week, called The 360 Deal, which you can actually BUY right now!

The idea of the book is to counter the current Music Business THING of "The 360 Deal" where the corporation gets a piece of EVERYTHING that the ARTISTE does - touring, merchandise etc etc as well as the usual huge chunk of music sales. Professor Andrew Dubber decided to put together a WEALTH of ADVICE from people involved in INDEPENDENT music, in order to help people who (wisely) would like to pursue a different course.

The bits I've read so far are ACE and feature Wise Words from people like Derek Sivers of CD Baby, our pal Chris T-T, all sorts of ACADEMICS, DJS, songwriters, label types, journalists and... er... me! The idea is that everybody gives the BEST bit of advice they've ever had, in 360 words or less, and over time the book GROWS until it has 360 seperate chapters.

Beautifully, most of the advice seems to be "Get on a do it, and be nice". I couldn't agree more!

It's a lovely idea full of fascinating FACT, and it's all in a good cause too - the money goes to Music Basti, an Indian charity which brings music to children in extreme poverty, which does fit rather brilliantly with the THRUST of the book.

Finally, it's CHEAP - $3.60 in fact! Go on, get a copy, it'll be GRATE!

posted 19/3/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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