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Blog: A San Francisco Wedding

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On Wednesday evening I received the following rather wonderful email:


You won't remember (you were very drunk) but we collared you at the end of your set at the Sheffield Pop Weekender last year and told you of our plan to elope to San Francisco. Well we did the deed yesterday and celebrated by dancing to our song "It Only Works Because You're Here" in our room at the Ritz.

So thank you for playing a part in our wedding day


JP and Jo-Anne

I'm sure I don't know WHAT they mean by that first sentence - as far as I recall I was ENTIRELY sober throughout the day - but the rest of it is BEAUTIFUL. Much to my amazement there's a few couples I know off who have It Only Works Because You're Here as THEIR song, and it always fills me with JOY to think that something what I wrote has such a magical place in other people's hearts. It really does make the whole thing worthwhile, and I'm INCREDIBLY grateful to Mr & Mrs Temple for not only telling me about it, but for sending this GORGEOUS photograph too:

Aaaah, isn't that lovely? It lit up my evening on Wednesday night and continues to do so today - HUGE HUGZ and best wishes to the new Mr and Mrs Temple, have a GRATE honeymoon!

posted 22/3/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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Wowza! That's supercool!
posted 22/3/2013 by Ray

Definitely a better 'our song' that You Will Be Hearing From My Solicitor!
posted 22/3/2013 by bee

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