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Blog: Dinosaur Planet Performances

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Yesterday I had an email from Mr J Walsh, telling me that he'd dug out Let's All Play The Dinosaur Way and recorded his own version of the theme tune. Here it is:

Nice, isn't it? I thought so, and mentioned it in this month's edition of the newsletter, wondering if anybody else might like to have a go at using the songbook to record their own versions. To my a) amazement b) GLEE I received two responses almost immediately, the first from Mr C Evans, with a version of Please Don't Eat Us recorded by his family the day the album came out, THUS:

... and the second from Mr G Wood, a version of A Little Bit which he recorded about a year ago for a charity day at his work. Here it is:

I think these are rather fantastic, and so I put this challenge out there as a bit of EASTER HOLIDAY FUN: does anybody else fancy doing a song? Go on, I'll stick it on the webpage and EVERYTHING!

posted 28/3/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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