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Blog: She Invented Windows Vista

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The Fight For History is very much my Grown-Up Meditation on the death of Thatcher, but in the words of YODA (who waged battle against Emperor Palpatine, another "divisive" Conviction Politician), "There Is Another".

And that other is That Was Margaret Thatcher from Moon Horse, which I present to you NOW in this LIVE VERSION:


For those FEW who haven't seen the show, about three quarters of the way through it is revealed that The Secret Evil Empress Of England (Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland), who has been guiding The Mars Men Of Jupiter in their dastardly schemes is the aforesaid Margaret Thatcher. This was one of my FAVOURITE parts of the show, doing the line "Perhaps you know me better as..." with my back to the audience was GRATE, then turning round like a Panto Villain in my Thatcher wig to assorted GASPS and BOOs was WONDERFUL. All through the run of the show there was only ONE person who objected to my PORTRAYAL of her as a force for evil - one day during our fortnight in Edinburgh a lady very loudly said "QUITE RIGHT!" after the line "Say what you like about her, you always knew just where you stood"... and then STORMED OUT after the next line, which was "Up to our eyeballs in cold shite". This made me JOLLY HAPPY.

For the entire year we DID the show, however, I was in a constant state of PANIC in case she actually DIED, thus making it pretty much impossible for us to DO the show. I wondered if MAYBE we could get away with it, and even get some PUBLICITY for being SICK or something, but that's not something that ever really appealed, and so I ended up being one of the very very very few people in the country who LIVED through her regime who was wishing her GOOD HEALTH.

At the end of the show we even presented a vision of what would happen to Thatcher after death - Harold Wilson arrived to take her to The Heaven Of Prime Ministers. I wonder if she's there now? Sharing a room with Ted Heath... FOREVER.

UPDATE: I've done it as a soundcloud thingy of just the song too:

posted 9/4/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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Hahahahaha :D ... why aren't you buggers on Radio 4 yet, then?
posted 9/4/2013 by MrSomebody

posted 9/4/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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