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Blog: Pappy's - Last Show Ever

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On Thursday last week The Gags In My Routine and I went out for A MEAL and THEATRE: it was DEAD sophisticated.

We had TEA in Tibits (always ACE) and then strolled through London's SOHO area of London to the Soho Theatre, to see Pappy's doing their new show, "Last Show Ever". They've always been one of our FAVOURITE things to see at Edinburgh and, as we didn't GO this year, we booked tickets for this MONTHS ago and had been RIGHT looking forward to it.

We were not disappointed, for LO! it was UTTERLY BRILLIANT. I honestly LARFED so much that my FACE hurt all the way home and my CHEST ached until the next morning. It's like watching three Tommy Coopers or Eric Morecambes in that they just LOOK HILARIOUS whatever's going on. I was a bit skeptical beforehand because I'd read reviews saying it was An Emotional Story, so was a) happy that there were still a LOT of sketches but b) actually MOVED when they totally pulled off the Emotional Story bit.

The best thing about them though, as ever, is the way they make it LOOK like they're just titting about throughout, with silly ideas and daft sketches, BUT the longer it goes on the more you realise that everything is LINKED, leading to HUGE pay-offs at the end. Some of it was SPECTACULARLY clever - there's one sketch where they do EXACTLY the same thing three times to different music, getting funnier each time AND relating backwards and forwards to other sections.

They're on for another week, I think, so if you're about in That London I'd HIGHLY recommend getting a ticket, they are my FAVOURITE!

posted 15/4/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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