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Blog: PBH Free Fringe Album Final Statement

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Last night the PBH Free Fringe Benefit Album was DELETED FOREVER after six delightful weeks of being on sale via bandcamp. The point of only having it available for a limited period was THREEFOLD, thus: 1) it meant bands could give me tracks from forthcoming albums/singles that they wanted to use themselves later 2) it gave some URGENCY to proceedings, as the CA$H is needed fairly soon and 3) it stopped the whole process getting too COMPLEX, as (for various reasons) the money was going through my paypal account.

The second point was perhaps the BEST USED in all of this, as it gave me a good excuse to do DAILY TWEETS (an idea suggested by Mr D Green) and COUNTDOWNS, and we did have a last minute FLURRY of purchases right at the very end, tipping us over into just over a HUNDRED sales - 106 all together, in fact. I was rather pleased with this, not least because I'd been UNDERESTIMATING sales all the way through. I forgot that Bandcamp takes its 15% fee by redirecting 15% of paypal payments directly to them, so I was counting how many of these payments came to MY account, not realising there were MORE that I wasn't seeing. I only realised this on Monday morning, so went STRAIGHT from thinking "OH, I wish we'd manage to sell a hundred copies" to "Oh! we DID manage to sell a hundred copies!"

I would have liked to sell a LOT more, obviously, as it's a GRATE cause and a FANTASTIC album with some BRILLIANT tracks, but I think we would have needed to get it onto iTunes for that, to have had some bigger names maybe, including some COMEDIANS perhaps, and to have had a longer run in. But STILL, we raised 463 (after bandcamp fees, and with some lovely people paying MORE than they needed to) which is more than I'd EVER have made with a benefit gig, hopefully introduced people to some new bands, and introduced some BANDS to the idea of what the PBH Free Fringe is all about.

And, of course, we also got to make a FAB album - or, rather, TRIPLE ALBUM. If you're one of the people who bought it then thanks very much, and I hope that you're enjoying listening to it. I know I am!

posted 16/4/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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Worth it for the Fakebit Polytechnic alone, let alone the many other quality tracks. Thanks for doing it.
posted 16/4/2013 by georgethe23rd

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