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Blog: A Dodgy Individual

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At the weekend The Hours In My Day Off did an online order, to be delivered to our house. This happens fairly often without INCIDENT - these particular orders of Nice Things are delivered by DPD, who have a very efficient system for re-arranging delivery dates AND tell you what time they're coming to within an hour. It's GOOD.

However, for some reason (probably the REN Cosmetics [for it was they] ordering system) we noticed on the evening before delivery that it was being delivered NOT to our house but to my OLD OFFICE, where I worked until a couple of years ago. We've had stuff delivered there in the past, but goodness knows why it had suddenly reverted to THERE after all this time.

The DPD system is good for rearranging times, but changing anything else relies on you GETTING a non-delivery card, which would be difficult if it was going somewhere we would never be. Emails were sent, but I sent off to work A Bit Worried.

As luck would have it I happened to be passing the old office JUST at the start of the alloted delivery hour, so DEBATED whether or not to just POP IN. It's owned by an entirely different organisation, so has no connection to us, and I changed my mind MANY times as I wandered round Bedford Square before finding myself at a DOOR I had passed through a couple of THOUSAND times over the past decade. I rang the bell and GALLUMPHED in, where I tried to explain the situation to a very SURPRISED young man in main reception.

"I used to work here", I said, "and there's a parcel coming for me. Have you had it yet? What would you do with it if it came?" I was conscious of how EXTREMELY DODGY it all sounded even as I said it - surely this was the start of a CRIMEWATCH reconstrucion about Identity Theft and INTERNATIONAL DIAMONDS/DRUGS SMUGGLING?

After making us ALL feel A Bit Uncomfortable I thanked them for their time and headed for the door... just as the doorbell rang. It was the DPD Delivery Man. "Mark Hibbett?" he asked. "That's me!" I said, and signed for my packaged, thanked him, and closed the door. I went back into reception, waving the box. "Got it!" I said, and wandered out again.

It was all a BIT WEIRD and so, when I got to the NEW office, I thought I ought to send an email from my Work Email Address just to show I WAS a Birkbeck employee, and to a) reassure them I WASN'T an evil crimelord using them as PATSY for an Evil Scheme and b) not get myself referred to THE COPS as a possible evil crimelord (see above).

Thank goodness for DPD and their excellent adherence to the hour-long delivery window - without that the entire SCHEME would have failed!

posted 17/5/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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