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Blog: Fringe Programmes

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I was working from home on Thursday, so was present when this year's Edinburgh Fringe programme arrived. It was all VERY EXCITING, especially when I found our entry on page 165. It's official: we're DEFINITELY going!

There's been a bit of a FLURRY of Us Definitely Playing At Fringe Festivals this past week, as the various festivals get their various websites and programmes launched. As stated, we're definitely at Edinburgh, and you can read our entry on the official webpage. We're also doing the Camden Fringe again, and LOOK! here we are on their system too, with our traditional Friday and Saturday spots on the 23rd and 24th August.

Before all THOSE, however, we're at the Buxton Fringe on the 13th (evening) and 14th (afternoon) July, then off to Greater Manchester Fringe for an evening show on the 14th too.

Seeing it all in PRINT is jolly exciting, though I must admit that the BEST bit so far has been going through the Edinburgh Fringe programme CIRCLING other people's shows. So far most of the things I'm interested in seem to be on about 2pm, which bodes well for LIE-INS pre-show and LURKING IN PUBS post-show, my FAVOURITE things to do whilst up there. Having last year off means that going again THIS year feels like a long dreamt of return to an old holiday destination... which is pretty much what it is. Oh Edinburgh! With your pubs, your curries, your long lie-ins and all also all that comedy/music/theatre stuff! In two short months we shall be heading your way again for the aforesaid beer/curries/HILLS etc etc and I cannot WAIT!

posted 3/6/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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