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Blog: Ebay Funtimes

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I'm having one of my periodic comics clearouts on Ebay at the moment, so hey! if you've ever wanted to own something as uniquely pointless as "Fear Itself: The Deep", EXCLUSIVELY OWNED BY ME, then now is your chance!

This first batch of auctions closed last night, with more coming over the next four or five weeks. EXCITINGLY one of this week's comics sold for MORE than I actually paid for it! All right, the other TWENTY went for a HECK of a lot less, but still: in six weeks time I hope to have a whole TWO shelves cleared and literally TENS of pounds returned to me. If I could get these sort of results for Forest Moon Of Enderby i would be VERY happy!

I've installed an eBay APP on my phone this time around, so last night's tea was soundtracked by it BUZZING every three minutes when an auction ended. Rather wonderfully, every time you SELL something on eBay you also get an EMAIL from them which starts "You did it!" It makes the whole thing feel like Personal Development, so I took to prancing around the kitchen each time such an email came in, saying "YES! I did it!" It was fun for EVERYONE.

This morning I made the first of MANY trips to the post office to send off lots of LOTS to succesful purchasers, and am so far enjoying it all a GRATE deal, and have reached the stage where I think "Maybe I'll sell ALL my comics! And those old vinyl albums! And loads of CDs!" I always feel like this right at the start of the clearing/selling process, as my BRANE forgets that there's still at least six weeks to go, which will doubtless feature a few ARSEY types who'll complain about postage costs and refuse to pay for weeks on end. I know that Post Office trips will PALE after a few weeks too, and I'm fully aware that when it all finally comes to a close, hopefully BEFORE we head up to Edinburgh, it will be a MIGHTY RELIEF.

For now though I am EBAY HAPPY - batten down your belongings, I might be round to try and FLOG them later!

posted 10/6/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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