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Blog: Top Hat

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I had a RIGHT swanky night out on Friday - The Songs In My Show had got us tickets to go and see Top Hat in London's Fashionable West End for my BIRTHDAY. We'd also got my parents similar tickets for my step-daddy's birthday, so the four of us met up after work at Kings Cross and started our SWANKINESS by getting a TAXI! To THE SAVOY!

I know! We went to The American Bar for COCKTAILS - on the rare occasions when I've been to PROPER POSH places the main thing I have taken away is that you can TELL when somewhere is PROPER posh because it's always REALLY nice - everyone there was LOVELY, everyone except for a lady who OPENLY SNEERED when she asked me if I'd like an Olive OR a slice in my MARTINI (i am dead swish) and, being half deaf, I said "Yes please!" She should have phrased her question more clearly!

Duly COCKTAILED we wandered round the corner to the Aldwych for the show. We had ACE tickets RIGHT down the front, and so got to spend the first few minutes GOGGLING at the conductor, who spent the entire show DANCING around and GRINNING, he was GRATE! ALso GRATE was the show itself - it was a right proper old-fashioned musical with HUGE songs and a TONNE of tap dancing. It was weird watching Actual Live Tap Dancing - I think I'm so used to seeing tap dancing on TELLY that it feels like part of the stage set, so to suddenly be confronted with it HAPPENING right there in front of my eyes took some getting used to. It looked INCREDIBLE!

It was a whole lot of fun, also STUNNING. I was particularly impressed to keep noticing that all KINDS of things were going on all over the set - whatever was happening at the front of stage, there'd usually be people in the background ACTING AWAY, seeming to take part in whole other stories that we knew nothing off. I'm used to going to see things a lot more SPARSE, so it was lovely to wallow in the LUXURIOUSNESS of a full-on West End extravaganza!

It was ACE, and when we finished we got in ANOTHER taxi back to Kings Cross for a pint in the lovely Parcel Yard, the ridiculously pleasant station pub. I'm sure station pubs used to be horrid, but this one is lovely. It was a MARVELLOUS end to a rather wonderful evening, at the end of which we agreed to do it all again for me and Chris's birthdays NEXT year. I cannae WAIT!

posted 25/6/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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