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Blog: Podcasting And Party Playing

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It was a RIGHT busy weekend this weekend, especially on Saturday. The day began with myself The Food On My Plate returning from distant Hertfordshire, where we'd been to see some PALS, and stopping off in St Pancras on the way home for BREAKFAST OUT! It was RIGHT posh, also ACE!

Back home I had a quick turnaround before heading back out into the sunshine to meet Mr S Hewitt in The Crown & Shuttle in Shoreditch, ready to pop next door to Unlimited Media, where we were due to record a bit for the Three Weeks Podcast. It was a bit STRANGE to BE there as I've emailed them many many MANY times over the years, both for Fringe stuff AND for the CMU newsletter that they also publish, and we had a nice chat with Mr C Cooke (proprietor) about Various Issues, including the impression that last year's Edinburgh Fringe was a bit flat. Chris made the v.interesting point that USUALLY being at the Edinburgh feels like you're in the MOST EXCITING place in the WORLD, but that last year this was clearly untrue, as it coincided with the OLYMPICS. I'd never thought of that before!

We went into the studio bit where young Tom recorded us doing the main Total Hero Team theme tune from the very start of the show. Me and Steve were both quite surprised with HOW GOOD it sounded - and it sounded EQUALLY good when we did it again, just to be sure it was recorded. We said our farewells and then popped back next door for a celebratory PINT - maybe... maybe it was all going to be OK?

Then it was back to the Central Line for me and far off Buckhurst Hill, where I was due to meet up with the aforesaid Songs On My Playlist, also The Landlady, to go to my sister-in-law Ati's birthday party. Ati had asked me to play a few songs so I'd LEARNED UP a few Classic Singalongs, but I was surprised, several hours into sunshine and BOOZE, to be asked to do one of my own songs. I was a bit worried about how that'd go down, especially after the "support act", a 12 year old lad called Josh, did two songs and WOWED everyone. Nervously, I stepped forward and done THIS:
  • Can't Take My Eyes Off You
  • Back For Good
  • Payday Is The Best Day
  • Boom Shake The Room
  • It seemed to go OK - keen observers might have noticed that I removed huge chunks from nearly ALL of the songs, to make sure that we got back to the CHORUSES (which everybody knew) and away from the VERSES (which, it kept turning out, I did not currently know very well). I think it was OK, but CRUMBS: it's much easier doing gigs to LOADS of people who you DON'T know and are ALSO a bit tiddly!

    A busy weekend then, and things don't look like calming down now for AGES. It's the last preview of Total Hero Team tomorrow and then we're off to Buxton and Manchester this weekend. And then: HO! for Edinburgh!

    posted 8/7/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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    Good luck mate!
    posted 8/7/2013 by Chris Abbott

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