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Blog: The Final Preview

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Last night I met with Mr S Hewitt in The King & Queen for the FINAL preview of Total Hero Team. People have asked me what i MEAN by "the final preview". Basically it means that NEXT time we do it it'll be in a Proper Theatre to a Ticket Buying audience (hopefully) who have every right to expect a proper show. THIS time, therefore, was our last chance to try and get it RIGHT before taking it out on the road.

It was lovely to be back at The King & Queen, though a little odd to be there and NOT be doing a Totally Acoustic (although, hopefully, those evenings will be returning in the not TOO distant future). We went and set the tables up as normal, dragged the modest yet charming audience upstairs, and BEGAN.

And do you know what? It was pretty DARN GOOD. I mean, yes, there were mistakes and FLUFFS and so forth, but hey! that is part of OUR UNIQUE CHARM, right? The show itself actually flowed incredibly well - so much so that both Steve and I were SURPRISED a couple of times and PAUSED a moment, one or the other of us thinking "Hang on, that's surprisingly easy, surely we've missed something?". In all previous versions I've had to wait until Steve says "this is my story", about half way through, to RELAX, but this time I was into it almost straight away. I think the fact that we did the theme tune for that podcast the other day, and that it sounded GOOD, was a bit of a confidence BOAST. It sounded pretty good THIS time too, and gave the whole extravaganza the kick up the BUM it required at the start.

Suffice to say then that we were quite pleased with it all, and the audience seemed to like it too. I did notice LARFS in the proper places and, once again, where there WEREN'T laughs it didn't seem to matter, as there was STORY. All in all I'm TENTATIVELY feeling pretty good about the whole thing - we've got THREE shows this weekend in Buxton and Salford as part of the Buxton and Greater Manchester Fringes respectively, and then we're finally off to Edinburgh. I've got a feeling it's going to be FUN!

posted 10/7/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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