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Blog: The First Meeting

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It's two weeks since we finished SKOOL for this year, and I've been missing it. On Monday nights I head home with the vague feeling that I should be going somewhere else, and on Wednesday nights I keep thinking "Shouldn't I be in the pub with my mouth round a pint of IPA by now?"

So it was DELIGHTFUL last night to meet up with some SKOOL CHUMS in the suitably artistic surroundings of The Phoenix Arts Club to talk about a GRATE IDEA. Ms E Morgan, of our lot, had suggested we get together to work out how to do a WEB SERIES between us. We've got various experiences of this sort of thing between us, and so we sat down to talk about it and, amazingly, ending up coming away with AMAZING PLANS of not only WHAT we were going to do, but how we were going to go about DOING it.

This has always been one of the best things about doing this course - whenever we discuss something as a group everyone gets ON and DOES it, rather than mithering around like happens in most OTHER similar situations that I've been in, and then comes out with DECISIONS at the end. It was ACE! The plan is for us all to go away and work out STORIES for our own episodes (we're thinking of doing 6ish related stories of 3ish minutes each) which we can PITCH to each other at our next get together, work through each other's ideas like we have been all year, and then WRITE them. If all goes as hoped we can then FILM them around October/November time for release in December on YouTube/Vimeo.

It was all VERY exciting, and we all scurried away full of IDEAS and ENTHUSIASM. Usually a cynical part of my BRANE would, at this stage, think "I wonder if it'll last? Will anything ACTUALLY happen?" but this time around I rather think it will. More news, as it happens!

posted 11/7/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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