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Blog: None More Sleeps

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You find me this morning a little AWESTRUCK for LO! the day has finally come when we actually GO to Edinburgh! Not the day when we think about it, or have a little bit of a practice, or worry about poster design, no - the day we actually GO!


There are thus a succession of PANICS to get through. Obviously getting to the train is the first - I've got a suitcase, CDs to give away, a guitar, the prop bag, and sundry ITEMS to get me through the next 2.5 weeks, all of which need LUGGING on the tube to St Pancras on one of the hottest days of the year. This year should be a bit less ridiculous than previous times, as I don't have a) 2,500 really heavy flyers to carry nor b) a great big EASEL/Giant Robot Heads, but still, i'm expecting SWEAT!

Once we're ON the train it's RELAXATION (apart from some LINEZ practice) until we GET there and PANIC 2 kicks in - getting into the FLAT! Will anyone be there to let us in? Will it be nice? How many TV channels will it have? We'll recover from THAT panic with BEER I should think, before we get to PANIC 3 on Friday - the VENUE! Apparently they're still BUILDING it at the moment, so I expect a full day of dashing around and WAITING for things, before we go and COLLECT our flyers from Dr A Thomson, who has very kindly received them for us, and then go and collect my PARENTS, who are in the HOOD for a couple of days.

And then the final major PANIC comes on Saturday when we do our first show - we're on at 6pm at The Dram House Upstairs everyday so do come along and see us if you're in the area won't you?

After all THAT panicking's done I can finally have a proper relax, although AMAZINGLY this year I seem to have a TONNE of other things to do, some of which are listed on the gigs page, some of which are not finally finalised yet. I will, as ever, be BANGING ON about everything on the twitter so do have a look there if you're interested, and I'll do my best to provide regular updates here.

It is about to HAPPEN! PANIC!!!

posted 1/8/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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