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Blog: Fringe Report 1

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Greetings from the Edinburgh Fringe, where it's all going JOLLY well!

On Thursday everything was FINE. We sat in the same carriage as Arthur Smith, Rich Hall AND Adam Buxton on the way up, our flat turns out to be NICE, the flyers look GRATE (we met Dr A Thomson in The Auld House to collect them - a GOOD MEETING) and though it did take half an hour to get our TEA in Red Fort (apparently because of Ramadam making people KNACKERED) it was a DELIGHT to be back.

Things were a little less easy on Friday. We got to our venue, The Dram House Upstairs,at NOON ready to get everything set up,only to find out it wasn't actually FINISHED yet, with electricans and carpenters and painters buzzing around, DOING stuff. We were asked to come back at 5pm, so I went and collected my parents from the station (they'd booked to come up for the tatoo, only later realising they'd have the EXCITING CHANCE to come and see the show too!), dropped them at their hotel, and then returned at 5pm to find the venue still wasn't sorted. There was, however, a Free Fringe Welcome Party at 7pm, so we came back for THAT... only to find that it had been rescheduled to 8pm!

In the interim I'd booked some show tickets on my PHONE! I thought this was the height of modernity, until we went to collect them. I swiped my card and the ROBOT said "HELLO MARK HIBBETT" and printed them out automatically. I was AMAZED!

Thus armed with tickets I left Steve merrily chatting to Dec, one of our colleagues from the Buffs Club two years ago, and went and fetched The Parents. We were booked to go and see Richard Digance, who was Quite Good. Having been COMPARED to him for years it was nice to actually SEE him, and he was dead funny, but also rather NERVOUS throughout. It was quite sweet really - he's been doing gig and telly for DECADES, but had never done The Fringe, and seemed to be SCARED of it!

We had a couple of post-show BEERS and then said our goodnights, with me returning to ou venue to find Steve sat in EXACTLY the same seat I'd left him in over three hourse ago. He claimed to have moved about and talked to people, and who am I to say otherwise.

So ended our first full day in Edinburgh. We didn't have a venue yet, but we'd certainly had some FUN!
posted 5/8/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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