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Blog: Curtain Up

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Saturday dawned EARLY for us - or Fringe early,anyway, as we needed to get down to our venue to help set it up. We arrived just after 10am (EARLY) to find things underway, with perhaps a few too many people around. There was panic and leads missing and turmoil, but after a while we boiled down to a CORE TEAM of us, a very capable young man from a MUSICAL who talked like a hoodie but had the SKILLZ of a senior electrician, and Charlie our Venue Captain. There were errands to buy leads, lots of discussion, lots of GAFFER TAPE, but by 11:30 we had the PA system rigged up, the lights working, the backdrop up and the seats all set. It looked FANTASTIC!

That done we nipped back to the flat to fetch some flyers and then to the Pleasance Courtyard to meet Mr D Pickering. We're sharing flyers with his show, so handed over a huge BOX of them, and then retired within for lunch. Here we met Mr B Moor who very kindly gave me a copy of his BOOK - he did the first ever BIT of his new show, "Each Of Us", at a Totally Acoustic several years ago, and EXCITINGLY I'd got a mention inside!

We headed back to the venue to drop off our props, then went our seperate ways. This week Steve is teching at Comedy Club For Kids, so while he was doing that I crossed town once more to go and see Mitch Benn's show "37th Beatle". It was GRATE - an EXACTINGLY PRECISE look at various people who've claimed to be The 5th Beatle with jokes about some MINUTELY OBSCURE Beatles facts and several CORRECT opinions along the way e.g. he said that the only REAL "New Beatles" were Monty Python. CORRECT! He also did an acapella version of "Tomorrow Never Knows" looping his own vocals through his phone. He claimed that this could be seen as self-indulgence, but, speaking as someone who's TOURED an acapella version of "Revolution #9" I thought it was FINE.

I went and collected parents once more and then headed back to The Dram House where I found Steve already in the room, getting set up. Much to our surprise a whole HEAP of people turned up, including some PALS but mostly people we didn't know, not least someone who'd come because she's a John Allison fan! The show itself was GRATE - yes, there were a few bits that we didn't do PERFECTLY, but we handled it well, managed some heckling/dancing from the under 10s, and generally THOROUGHLY enjoyed it. The audience seemed to like it too, and afterwards there was a strange look playing on the faces of my parents. I do believe it was PRIDE!

We had a post-show beer before they had to head off for The Tattoo, and then Steve and I went in search of CURRY. We ended up in Kismet, handily placed a) at the end of our road b) next to The Auld Hoose, so while we waited for a table to come free we were able to a) drop our gear off b) get a CARTON of TAKEAWAY BEER to have with our (DELICIOUS) tea.

Thus full of the joys of FRINGE we decided to REWARD ourselves with a trip to see The Scottish Falsetto Sock Theatre Company (ACE) before STAGGERING home once more, EXHAUSTED. I'd forgotten quite what a KNACKERING experience this all us, hiking back and forth across town, up and down hills, and doing an hour of CARDIO at 6pm every day, but by HECK it's a lot of fun!

posted 6/8/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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