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On Sunday I decided to get out there and SEE some stuff, so was out of the house at the ridiculously early hour of 12:40 to stomp down the hill to see "Making News". Phill Jupitus was good, Sarah Pascoe was good, and I bumped into chums Jenny and Dave outside, so we all got to have a good old CHAT about the play afterward. REVIEW: it was a bit rubbish.

Jenny and Dave went to catch a coach trip to an Immersive Experience, so I strolled across town to see Kriss Foster & Friend. Kriss had flyered me the day before, saying "MJ Hibbett! I'm coming to see your show!" Well, after that it would have been rude NOT to go, and I was EXTREMELY glad I did, as his show was BLOODY GRATE - open hearted, charming, and very very funny. I LIKED it!

On the way to his show I'd popped into the Smelly Comic Shop to drop off some flyers. I was pleased to find it still had that old fashioned Comic Shop Smell (festering paper and MEN) that you don't get that often any more, and the bloke on the till was a fine example of the levels of CHARM and SOCIABILITY that comic shops used to be so well known for. I expect he is given a GRANT or something as a piece of our Arts Heritage.

Anyway, I got a taxi back to the flat to pick up the guitar and uke, then strolled back to the venue for our own show. After our first night's BIG audience we were GIRDED for a slightly smaller group, and that's exactly what we got! The eight people seemed to enjoy it though, and so did we!

I very kindly VOLUNTEERED to take the gear back to the flat, where I JUST SO HAPPENED to see that they were unveiling the new Doctor on telly! What A Coincidence! I watched for a few minutes but couldn't stand the FILLING any longer, so left, only to bump into the Four Sad Faces chaps along the road. Tom from them saw me and shouted "Mark! It's Peter Capaldi!!" as one of them had JUST rung someone to find out. Peter Capaldi!! For the rest of the evening you could see Certain Varieties of people looking VERY happy. Peter Capaldi!!

Steve and I then went to see Richard Herring, who was EXCELLENT. This year I haven't been reading his blog, so most of it was new to me, and HILARIOUS.It was SO good that even the fact that I was sat next to a LOONEY - who GUFFAWED and SLAPPED his thigh and PUNCHED THE AIR at EVERY gag, before shouting it to his girlfriend sat next to him - did not distract from how ACE he was. And he gave away free DVDs too - all the best people are doing something similar!

We finished the evening by going to see Kunt & The Gang, who was ASTONISHING. I've seen him a few times but he's still STUNNING. You find yourself laughing at things that are SO APPALLING your entire BODY goes into shock, but he does it in such a LOVEABLE, even SWEET way, that you can't help yourself. This time Steve was sat next to some pillocks, but they left after talking at HIGH VOLUME for the first five minutes. There did seem to be a little bit of the Alf Garnet/Al Murray effect going on, in that I thought he might be attracting a part of his audience who were laughing in an UN-SHOCKED, "this is fine", sort of way, but that might just be me - I remember seeing him in a small pub in Lewisham with The Kooba lot, so seeing him in a big room PACKED with young people felt WEIRD.

Leaving the venue we both felt EVISCERATED, as if we'd been mentally cleansed by a shower of FILTH, and finished off with a pint at the Auld Hoose on the way home. It had been a long, PACKED day, but there was a whole lot more to come in the morning!

posted 7/8/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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