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Blog: Opening The Window Of Wives

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Days are beginning to slide into each other, and the wisdom of having an official Knower Of Which Day It Actually Is becomes clearer and clearer, but I'm pretty sure that the following events began on Tuesday, for Tuesday was the long heralded day when The Train On My Tracks would be arriving, and thus The Wonderful Window Of Wives would begin to open.

She wasn't due until after our show, however, so there was plenty of time for me to see MORE SHOWS. Me and Steve started with "Lah Di Dah - The Jake Thackray Story" at The New Town Theatre, a show which had been on BOTH our lists, and it was ACE. It was mostly Jake Thackray songs, done really really well, with very very lightly sketched snippets of biography. I thought it could have done with a bit MORE of the actual story, for people like me who don't know it, but I wouldn't really complain as this left more room for some BRILLIANT songs. I must go out and get some of his records!

We stomped back to the Old Town, where Steve went off to do his Comedy Club For Kids tech duties and I went to see "The Islanders" by A Mason and E Argos. It was BRILLIANT! It was the story of how the two of them ended up living together as teenagers and going on holiday, with Amy doing spoken word sections and Eddy (backed by Jim Moray, who was GRATE, especially when he SUBTLY evoked Billy Bragg) singing songs. It was Surprisingly Moving, evoking a weird nostalgia for that part of your life, but also making you (well, definitely me) think "God! Being young was AWFUL!!" It felt like a description of millions of relationships, and was BEAUTIFUL!

I did a quick bit of exit flyering, then RUSHED back up the hill to our flat to get GEAR and then met Steve back at The Dram House Upstairs. It was another good show, with our biggest audience yet. There were many small children, so a LOT of giggling and The Poo Joke got an EXCELLENT laugh! There was also more Covering In Character and even MORE of The Bucket Speech!

We gave some flyers to The Family Butterworth, who had offered to do some flyering for us, then I headed down to Waverley to collect The Trains On My Timetable. It felt like AGES since I'd been at home, but also like no time at ALL since we'd both last been together here... possibly because we made our first stop The Albanach, as usual!

We headed back to the flat, unpacked, and then nipped down to Red Fort for a curry (where, weirdly, they had an entirely different menu and staff) before finishing off with a swift pint in The Pleasance Courtyard. The Window Of Wives hard started to open, which means we're now PROPERLY into this year's Edinburgh Holiday. Let's ROCK!

posted 9/8/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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