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This year The Shows In My Programme is DETERMINED to at least equal her record of 25 Shows Seen In A Fringe Visit, so we were up bright and early (NB Fringe Early, so around 11ish) to Breakfast Out (POSH) and then head for the first show. She was seeing "The Bravery Test" so I set her in roughly the correct direction and went round to Potterow for my Bright Club rehearsal.

For LO! It was my turn to do Bright Club and, once I found the right room, I had a run through of my talk on "How To Release A Single" along with some Actual Scientists. It seemed to work OK, and I was put down to go last... until a Mathematician did a BRILLIANT set with jokes AND romance. "Maybe you should be the tent pole in the middle, holding it up?" the organiser said to me. I was relieved - i would NOT have been able to follow THAT!

Concerned with the welfare of The Streets On My Map I then stomped into New Town to collect her from the show she'd been at (which she said was good) and escort her to the next one. I was VERY GLAD i did, as it turned out I'd written down the times wrong in our Huge List Of Shows and we'd missed it - if I'd not have been there I'd have PANICKED at the thought of her thus wandering LOST through the streets of Scotland, but as it was I was there when she said "I'll just stay here then and watch the next show." PHEW!

I went off to The Assembly Rooms, where Bright Club is located, and collected a load of flyers, as we were duty bound to do an hour's flyering. It was HORRIBLE - i don't mind exit flyering after shows, as people are already in motion and have just seen something similar to our show (according to me), but apprehending people in the street and thrusting flyers at them is AWFUL. And people can be SO MEAN about it too, I find it soul crushing. People At The Fringe! Just TAKE A FLYER, it won't kill you!!

We regrouped at the venue and then waited for an audience. It was BLACK WEDNESDAY, which is traditionally the WORST day for ticket sales (it comes after previews, then the first weekend, then Monday and Tuesday 2 for 1 days) but we still got about 15 in and they seemed ready to ROCK. It was all DEAD interesting- i learnt about SPACE EXPLOSIONS and Gender Recognition Software (from the chap whose show we'd missed early, coincidentally) and MATHS, and my bit seemed to go OK (but could, I must admit, have used some more practice). I merrily exit flyered afterwards, thanked the excellent organisers, and went for a quick BEER with The Lines In My Script to celebrate.

After that she headed off for another show (which was RUBBISH, it is reported) and I did yet ANOTHER uphill sprint to get the AXES from the flat before dashing downhill again for the show. Earlier I'd had an email from The Butterworths, who'd been flyering for us, saying they're met a very nice chap who'd known my back catalogue. Outside the venue I met the esteemed Mr Ben Moor, who said he'd met a very nice family out flyering for us. A Mystery Solved!

The show itself was yet ANOTHER lovely one with a decent sized audience (22, including lots of Young Women for some reason), featuring ANOTHER bunch of lovely pals and was a HUGE pile of fun to do. It really is going JOLLY well this year: Nothing Can Go Wrong!

I nipped out for a celebratory pint with Mr G Urqhart and Dr A Thomson, before nipping in to the second half of "There's More To Life Than Chips", the pretty good One Woman Show that The Woman In My One Woman Show was watching. TIRED by all the ACTION we decided this would be a sensible point to RETIRE for the evening, so went home for pasta and TELLY, happy in the knowledge that we were well on course to SMASH that record!

posted 10/8/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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