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Blog: A Whole Lot Of GRATE Shows

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Another day, another bunch of shows, and by heck we saw some GRATE ones on Saturdy. We kicked off with all four of us flatmates going to see "Big Daddy Versus Giant Haystacks" which was one of the best I've seen of the whole Fringe - even better than the very casual cat we saw sitting on the grass outside. It (the show, that is) was surprisingly moving, especially the big MATCH about two thirds of the way through. Hearing "We Shall Not Be Moved", cheering, booing, and especially especially shouting "Easy! Easy! Easy" was ENORMOUS fun - who knew that two middle aged men playing all the parts (including a couple of Celebrity Impersonations) using very basic props could be such fun eh? Afterwards they both stood outside to shake everyone's hand as they left, which was LOVELY - I loved it!

Myself and The Shows On My Schedule dashed across town to see "A Comprehensive Guide To The Roman Empire" arriving just in time for the start but not in time to get a seat, which made for a bit of an uncomfortable hour standing up in Bannermans, which isn't the nicest of venues. The show itself was dead good though, and full of FACTS!

The shows continued with a trip to The Pleasance Courtyard to see Mr Ben Moor doing "Each Of Us". I'd seen a version of this early in the year, but seeing the proper show, with all the music, the lighting, and the ACTING was gorgeous. He's got an incredible way with words, ladelling out fantastic phrases and hilarious ideas with every sentence, so you've barely got time to digest them before the next magnificent THORT comes along. It was ACE!

It was nearly Total Hero Team o'clock by this point, so I dropped The Drink In My Glass off at her next show (she was determined to see LOTS on this day, and despite the fact that the said show turned out to be FULL she managed to FLEX her schedule and see some others instead) and headed back for the GEAR. I met Steve at the venue, along with his sister and her family who'd come along to see us. The show went fine - just after halfway through (just after the halfway point of the entire run, in fact) some people wandered in who we assumed were lost, but stayed to the end, and Steve's nephew and niece seemed to enjoy it very much, which was a relief as they'd previously been big fans of Dinosaur Planet. If they'd not liked this one it would've been awful!

Steve and I then had an appointment to appear on Fringe FM, so toddled round for a pre-show pint in the Pleasance Bar. With all the SHOWS and DASHING ABOUT it was nice for the two of us to have a chance to actually catch up! We then went on the air and spoke to My Daniel Fawcett at SOME LENGTH on a VERY BROAD RANGE of subjects. We did the full version of "Total Hero Team" together (for the first time EVER - EVER!) but mostly just YAKKED. It was ENORMOUS fun - especially for us!

(UPDATE: you can hear the entire thing here)

I then ran round to collect The Licensee Of My Establishment from The Canon's Gait, where I bumped into PBH himself for a quick chat. The Prices On My Bill had been to see Addy Time, which she said was BRILLIANT - our conversation about it was so full of LARFS that I completely forgot my UKE, and had to run back to the bar to collect it. It was still there: PHEW!

After that PANIC I required a Recuperative Drink in The Albanach before heading home, KNACKERED. AGANE. Another long day, but by heck we'd seen some good stuff!

posted 13/8/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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