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Blog: A Day That Ends With Curry

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I was up bright and early (Fringe early i.e. 11am) on Sunday as I was booked to do Crunch The News again. I knew I was on the panel with the leader of the Scottish Socialist Party, one of the founders of the Yes To Independence Campaign, so thought it would be HILARIOUS to wear my "Team GB" t-shirt, but when I got there he turned out to be a very nice man indeed, full of REMARKS, who'd been to the Olympics too. I clearly have no future in Political Antagonism!

The show itself was lots of fun - I was sat next to Mr N Metcalfe, who was dead good, and we had lots of LARFS. I managed to put forward my counter plan to Scottish Independence i.e London Independence so that they stop annoying the rest of the country, and finished off with a SONG - years of experience of Comedy Shows has taught me that Comedy Audiences only like SLOW SONGS, so I did "It Only Works Because You're Here", which seemed to work all right. Also it was nice to get to sing it myself again, rather than letting Steve do it!

I met up with The Shops On My High Street to see a show about GHOSTS, which was good, and then to see a "Sci Fi" play, about which our opinions differed. One of us thought it was really good, and one of us (i.e. me) really didn't, but either way it felt CORRECT to see at least ONE actual PLAY done by students all wearing tights with Expressive Movement, Minimal Costumes and Supportive Parents. It was Proper Fringe!

Back to the flat for a) Falafels for Lunch (NICE) and b) collecting gear before heading back YET AGANE to do the show where, much to our surprise, we had one of the most LARFY and definitely the BIGGEST audience so far. It was a complete JOY to do that show, even though there were not sufficient MISTAKES to do any covering up. I DID manage to FINALLY find a way to make "Massive Banker" work properly, to my mind at least, and Steve, as United Statesman, also professed his love for The Woman-Droid SO CONVINCINGLY that it rather threw me!

We retired to Brewdog to count our CA$H, to celebrate that fact that we'd completed ALL of our outside commitments, and to meet WIVES, then went our separate ways once more. My team went to see Brian Appleton, who was dead good -i enjoyed it but by heck The Slides In My Presentation thought it was HILARIOUS, which was a relief to me as not only had I suggested it, but also it was her 25th show, thus meeting her TARGET! HOORAH!

We went home, dropped off the gear and then went to the Auld Hoose to await The Hewitts, for lo! we were going out for a curry together! Or at least, we tried to - Kismot was closing early as they were all KNACKERED (there's a lot of that about at the moment) post-Ramadam, so we ordered a take away and went back to the pub for twenty minutes while they cooked it. This idea seemed to cause some confusion with Steve, who for a time protested that we should go home instead. After checking his fingerprints - a Steve who refuses to go to the pub MUST SURELY be a CLONE or ROBOT - it turned out that his BRANE was thinking "But I've ordered a take away curry, surely I then nip home for a bit?" so we took him to the PUB to recover. It was a frightening moment!

And so the day ended with CuRRY and BOOZE and CHAT. Perfect!

posted 14/8/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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