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Blog: Climb Every Mountain

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I've done a lot of walking while I've been here and paced many miles from show to a show, but I'd never actually climbed a MOUNTAIN to see a show...until Monday.

The Lava In My Volcano is from Yorkshire and thus LOVES hills, and so to celebrate the fact that she'd completed her target of 25 shows with a day to spare, we decided to climb Arthur's Seat and, if we timed it correctly, see Barry On Arthur's Seat. The trip started well, as there's an entrance to Holyrood Park at the end of our road, but then we got a bit confused about which direction to go in and ended up climbing a DIFFERENT hill. Or so we thought. On further investigation it turned out we WERE climbing Arthur's Seat, which mean that when we thought we'd climbed it before we'd been on the wrong bit!!

Coming from The Fens means I'm really not BUILT for hills, but we made it to the top pretty much in one piece where we found about FIFTY other people waiting for the show. Music was playing, but no-one was "in" the venue yet - Barry had set up a door frame on top of the mountain, which we entered through once he'd opened the venue! Some people preferred to sit "outside", so he picked the doors up and carried it OVER them, one by one, so he could then stamp their hands and count them as audience!

It was a GRATE show - he did ten minutes of "where are you from?" which normally I don't like but a) he did it in a really funny, nice way and b) we HAD all climbed up a MOUNTAIN to be here, so there were some interesting people! He talked about how he did the show EVERY day, even if it was raining and even if there was only one person there - this got a CHEER from our party! After twenty minutes of CHAT and getting us all to talk EN MASSE to people on other peaks he began the actual show, which was him reciting the poem Leisure, by William Henry Davies after which we all sat in silence, staring at the landscape, before giving "a round of applause for The World". It was MAGICAL!

After a bit more chat the show ended and we queued up to leave via the door before strolling and occasionally stumbling down the mountain. At the bottom we walked BAREFOOT on the grass, which ended up with me losing a SOCK. Not wanting to litter the environment The Grass In My Lawn went back to find it, while I, basically, COLLAPSED. Not, as I say, built for hills!

After going home for showers I did intend to drop The Hairs On My Head off at her NEXT show, John Otway's Big Band, but was so DONE IN I had to be dropped off myself for a cuppa on the way. Suitably refreshed i then nipped in to The Halfway House to be further refreshed, where I did some INCREDIBLY EFFECTIVE flyering - two chaps on the next table were going through a pile of flyers collected, so I gave them one of ours. They came!

Also at the show that evening were Mrs Hewitt Sr (i.e. Steve's Mum), two people that STEVE had target flyered (as he left they said to each other "Is this flyer drawn by John Allison?"),Alex from my course and various people who wandered in, seemingly LOST, again. One pair who came in for a bit sat at the back refusing to applaud, arms folded in Angry Gangster poses. They later turned out to be COMEDIANS - of course they did! The only people less willing to SMILE than gangsters!

Steve and Meg went to drop off Steve's Mum then we all four gathered once more in The Albanach for BEERZ before going our seperate ways yet again - they saw Knightmare, we saw PBH - before the pair of us tried to get another CURRY. Thwarted by them closing we finished The Food On My Plate's final full day at the festival with our traditional Edinburgh meal of Dolmio Extra Spicy Sauce, Pasta, Bag Of Salad and WHISKY. We know how to live it up!

posted 15/8/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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