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Blog: Southsider Bookends

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Before I came to Edinburgh I did a big list of shows I wanted to see. As the weeks have gone by this has changed - some have been added, and for some I've thought "Why did I ever want to see THAT?" - but generally I've ploughed through it, leaving a very do-able shortlist of Shows Remaining that I still wanted to get to.

Thus I set out on Wednesday morning determined to see one ... and almost immediately got waylaid by someone saying "Is that Mark?" It was Rob,one of Ray's friends from Brum, who was stood outside his pal's show waiting to go in. It was in The Southsider, starting in 2 minutes and called "Short And Swedes", an hour of "sweded" films (i.e. where people do home remakes of Hollywood films) so I thought "Why not?" and went in. It was dead good, and made me KEEN to do something similar myself!

I'd originally intended to stay out and see other shows, heading back to get GEAR after my last show of the afternoon, but changed plans to go back to the flat and get it BEFORE going to see "Sad Faces". It was a good job I did, as it over-ran slightly, but that was the ONLY thing about their show this year that was anything but EXCELLENT. For lo! we LARFED and LARFED throughout, also joined in, also GASPED at REVELATIONS, and had a fantastic time. Their shows are always ACE, and this was the best yet!

Back at The Dram House we spoke to a Real American, who SOUNDED a bit like Deirdra from our show (SPOILERS) and then greeted the aforementioned Rob who'd come to see us. For a LONG time it looked like he was going to be the entire audience, but in the end we had seven in, who were LOVELY, making for a hugely enjoyable and CHUCKLE-FULL show.

Two of the seven were pals of Steve, with whom we went for a quick drink. I stood in the pub AMAZED watching the SCOTTISH television version of commentary for the England VS Scotland game (it was DIFFERENT!) and we agreed that this might be a good time to make our annual trip to The Blue Blazer, to avoid any potential Nonsense around The Football. It WAS a good idea: The Blue Blazer is LOVELY!

Our day finished with a trip to see "Boris And Sergey", a puppet show featuring two puppets each controlled by three people, all clearly visible holding limbs and head. Beforehand we'd been told it was "AMAZING", but I wouldn't quite go that far. It was Quite Good - they used the oddness of the situation and did do very convincing movements, especially when they went slow motion, but it could REALLY have done with a) more actual story and b) less rubbish/embarrassing audience participation. As per, my enjoyment may have been grouchily depleted by sitting in a room full of excitable theatrical youths, GASPING at things!

It was PIDDLING with rain as we emerged, so the day fully ended as it had fully begun, by ducking into The Southsider for a quick one!

posted 17/8/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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