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Blog: Indie Time

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We began the day of our pre-penultimate show by LOAFING AROUND. For AGES - it was lovely! I then dragged myself out of the flat at about 1pm to head to the Grassmarket to see Sarah Hendrickx do her "Time Traveller" show. It had been picked by The Blurb On My Flyer but she'd not had time to see it, so I decided to go and see it FOR her.

I was very glad I did, as it was ACE. She advertises herself as "The Thinking Person's Sarah Millican" but I think "The Indie Sarah Millican" would be more APT, as she felt like someone from MY generation/inclination. She told some VERY funny, occasionally rude, often touching, stories but the whole experience was AMPLIFIED by having her mother-in-law in the front row, who joined in and took REMARKS with a huge grin throughout. It was dead good!

I did my now familiar STOMP back across town to the flat, where I picked up guitars and headed down to the Pleasance Courtyard to spend an hour with the Fresh Fringe Radio lot. They were doing a 24 hour radio challenge, which had begun at 10am that morning, so everyone was still in good health when I arrived. We had a FINE old time, including getting them to join in with Do The Indie Kid and several other shenigans. It was LOTS of fun - and they raised over 1000 by the end of the 24 hours. Well done team!

I popped into Holyrood 9A for a much deserved PINT, then met Steve outside the venue to see who was coming. We had an audience of SEVEN, and they were all BLOODY LOVELY. Possibly for the first time they had all come on purpose and LARFED throughout, it was a JOY to do the show for them!

Oddly though we did have two more people join us briefly - every day, as we stand outside the venue, we get people coming to see The C***ridge F***lights, and we always spend a lot of time organising them into a queue and explaining what's going on. It's a bit annoying - we've asked on a number of occasions for them to send one of their butlers - even a valet - down to help, but to no avail. We are, however, always "polite". If people want to get a glimpse of the next generation of Tory party leaders, who are we to complain? ANYWAY, we spoke at some length to two gentlemen of post-retirement age, explaining that we weren't F***lights, but that their show started at half six and there'd be a big queue. At half six these same two gentlemen wondered into our room... and stayed for ten minutes! I had spoken to them AT LENGTH earlier on, yet it took them ten minutes to realise they were in the wrong place

It was an AMUSING part of what was one of the NICEST shows we'd done so far, not least because Fran from Cheshire 4 Life had turned up - he's doing his "Scott Of The Antarctic" show in our slot from Sunday, and we thanked him for all the people we'd had in who'd got the wrong date but had stayed to see us anyway!

After we'd packed up there was a MEGA STOMP back to the flat to drop off gear then straight back out and across town AGANE to get to The Wee Red Bar at the Art College in time for the GUMS/Just Joans gig. It was UTTERLY ACE - GUMS were doing their first gig but sounded FANTASTIC, full of ace words and TUNES and ESPECIALLY a majestic use of Electronic Cigarettes to create JAZZ atmosphere. It's Martin From The Plimptons' new band, and he seemed surprised HIMSELF by how good it had been!

Also excellent were The Just Joans who did a HUGE set of HITS - man alive but they are one of the best live bands EVER, it was a gigantic ROCKING set, also featuring a bit of TEARS during "What Do We Do Now?" AMAZING scenes!

The best bit though was being back at an actual INDIE gig and seeing lots and lots of old PALS and indeed NEW pals, not least the aforesaid Just Joans, Mr Adam Smith, Mr E Argos and many many others. When I DEMANDED Belle & Sebastian ("just the good stuff though") Mr Disc Jockey obliged, and LO! there was much BOOGYING!

The only problem was that it had started SO early, at 7.40pm, that by midnight my body was convinced it was about 4AM and INSISTED I go home. It took me a while, as there was MUCH hugging!

Later, two ODD things happened. First of all i dropped my phone and mildly KNACKERED it (can't think why THAT might have happened, hem hem) and secondly Steve came home JUST as I was emerging from the LOO after a 3am WEE. This latter was odd because EXACTLY the same thing had happened the night before. Was he sitting outside the front door, WAITING for me to go to the loo before he came in? I would never suggest he was, but the evidence is pretty damning, right?

posted 20/8/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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It is clear to me that you were sat in the bathroom waiting for me to come home, that makes much more sense ;)
posted 20/8/2013 by Steve

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