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Blog: The Final Day

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After the rock and roll antics of the night before we both arose late on Saturday morning, late even for Edinburgh, and there was a general feeling of hangover hovering over the household. This hardly ever happens when we're at The Fringe - massive lie-ins tend to cure most of them - but it WAS a bit of a late night.

Bleary eyed I set off to see one of the few remaining shows on my big list, a new adaptation of "A Matter Of Life And Death". It was all right - it felt very much like watching a very good school production, partly because the cast was so young and partly because it had the air of being put together by The New Young English Teacher, who was determined to play fast and loose with the story, throwing in as many ideas as he could. Some of them really worked, like having nearly all the characters dressed in pyjamas and making everything dreamlike, but it seemed weird to VEER away from the actual plot, characters, message and indeed ENDING of the original.

I did one last trip back up the hill to get the gear and then returned to the venue for our final show. It was a GRATE one to finish on - we had a nice big audience who gently warmed up to us and LARFED along a LOT, and we managed to banish HANGOVERS and go out on a HIGH. Amazingly we had exactly - EXACTLY - the right number of badges to give out, and got rid off ALL our CDs! Hoorah!

We packed up, said bye bye to the venue, and had celebratory pictures taken, THUS:

the view from the stage

the view from the audience

As we left we bumped into Charles, our excellent Venue Captain, and congratulated him on his Good Works. We then strolled off for a couple of beers with CHUMS where we discussed the oddness of our room being called "The Attic" when you have to go DOWN some stairs to get to it. "The Upside Down Boat", it was agreed, would be much more apt and lead to a lot less confusion!

Suitably refreshed, we took ALL the gear (including Prop Bag, which had lived in the back room of the venue for the past fortnight) home and then headed out for one last show - Storytellers at The Pleasance Courtyard. It was a BRILLIANT way to finish off - Sara Bennetto and James Dowdeswell were ace host/regular as ever, and we had a Star Studded cast of Katie Mulgrew, Deborah Frances-White (who did a HUGELY informative story about Hollywood) and Sarah Millican, who was utterly FAB. It was odd to be seeing someone SO famous in such a tiny room, but GRATE to find out she was so good!

We nipped into the Auld Hoose for One Last Pint on the way home and bumped into MORE chums for a chat, before going for One Last Dirty Pizza (we'd had no tea!) where amazingly we bumped into Mr Dec Munro, all round hero,on his way to take the Arthur Smith tour. It felt like he'd been SENT to bid us farewell from Edinburgh, and we went home for tea and WHISKY happy to have been so blessed, ready to get up PROPER Early (9am!) to get packed and go home. Our epic journey was very nearly at an end!

posted 21/8/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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