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Blog: Victory Lap Part One

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Friday night was our first night back at The Camden Fringe, but it felt like being back in Edinburgh.

To start with we were meant to be going for curry... but nipped in next door for a Cheeky Half first. Nothing could be more "Edinburgh"! The four of us - me (and Steve), Mrs M Hewitt and The Spice In My Curry then went for our traditional pre-Camden tea at Maharani, a curry house i ENDORSE heartily! We had a lovely time, and it was almost with REGRET that Steve and I left the Wives to finish their BOOZE and headed over to The Camden Head to get set up.

We VIDEOED the show for posterity, and though it wasn't necessarily a CLASSIC - we had post-curry DRY MOUTH so singing was a bit tough, and suddenly doing the show in a different room from The Dram House seemed WEIRD - there were many lovely people in. We did get thrown a bit at the start by three people LEAVING, though we later discovered they hadn't walked out in disgust at our SEARING CRITIQUE of bankers, but had just come in to the wrong show!

Afterwards we had a celebratory BEER with some of our Flyer Buddies from Stand-Up Tragedy (they were on the other side!), then HOPPED into a taxi to zoom across town to The Lexington, where Keith Top Of The Pops and co had JUST finished their gig. They were on at the same time as us (something that happens SO OFTEN i suspect that THE MAN is trying to prevent me seeing them again) so The Band Members In My Band had gone to see them instead of seeing us for the eighteenth time (KRAZY!) and reported back that it was GRATE!

We then watched Joanne Joanne, the EXCELLENTLY named all-female Duran Duran covers band. The actual gig was ACE, they're a BRILL band, though I couldn't help thinking that they showed up Duran Duran themselves for being... well, Not An Album Band, as they mostly played the first album which featured "Girls On Films" and Some Other Duran Duran songs. We were surrounded by people who did not agree, however, especially a lady in front of us who knew the words to EVERYTHING!

More beer, more chat to delightful pals, and then we zoomed home for a WHISKY - if there had been more HILLS it could have BEEN Edinburgh again!

posted 27/8/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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